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Sermon Sunday :: Pursuing God // Ruts & Remedies

Maintaining Momentum [Greg Miller, Associate Pastor] What if you actually believed everything you said you believed about God? What if you believed that you were really saved from death? What if every desire of your soul was truly fulfilled by God? What if you could live your life freed from any guilt or shame? What […]

Sermon Sunday :: Pursuing God // Ruts & Remedies

Requirement vs. Relationship [Greg Miller, Associate Pastor]   “I confess that 50% of my ministerial life has been going through the motions. I am an expert on the spiritual rut.” But it didn't start that way. It started as an exciting journey with someone. It was all about not missing a moment with Christ. It […]

Sunday Sermon :: Revolution/Helping Finish What Jesus Started

[Greg Miller, Associate Pastor :: March 25, 2012] This staff, pastors and elders are passionately seeking the Lord and His will. We are growing and evolving. You can feel the atmosphere changing and the energy growing to see God move in a mighty way. The body of Christ should be like kudzu. Growing. Taking over. […]

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