My Vivid Dream

(Today’s post by Marc Cannon)

Daniel 10

vividI don’t remember exactly how old I was, 7 or 8…maybe 9. I woke up one night from an extremely vivid dream. I can still remember how my bedroom looked, where the bed was positioned, the sheets on my bed, the lighting in the room, the faint glow of the red numbers on my alarm clock…It’s burned in my memory and I don’t ever think it will leave. I don’t think I’ve ever spoken of this dream and if I have it’s never been at length or detailed.

In this dream I was standing in a valley, below a mountain range in almost a cartoon like setting, the sky opened up and an old man with a staff rolled away the clouds. His face was wrapped in a long fiery white beard over alabaster skin. His eyes were blue, the most piercing blue that anyone could ever imagine and he wore a dark blue robe. I remember being motionless, unable to talk, unable to turn away, unable to take a breath, and I was afraid, maybe more than afraid. The clouds rolled and circle around, who was quickly becoming recognizable, God-like vicious waves in the deepest of oceans; and then He spoke in a voice that made thunder sound like a faint whisper, “Why have thou forsaken me?” then a deafening silence and all of a sudden the sound of all the air being sucked out of a room woke me up in a panic and deathly afraid to close my eyes again.

To be honest with you, I have no idea what that dream meant or if it even meant anything at all. But it did and has made me keenly aware at times of the might of the Almighty Father and what it must be like to actually be face to face with Him. In this chapter, Daniel 10, Daniel has a dream and Jesus makes Himself present to Daniel. He had the very same reaction that I did in my dream, albeit Daniel’s dream was a little more upbeat than my own.

Daniel lived an extraordinary life; he was a great prophet. After reading this chapter I was reminded of how the people around me live extraordinary lives also. Daniel was born with a divine purpose; once he humbled himself in faithful prayer he became close to his purpose and God was pleased to hear his prayers; Jesus touched his lips and showed him how much God cherished him. Jesus is then the source of Daniel’s strength.

This is the Gospel: Jesus fights our demons and protects us with His angels, through our faith in Him the Father hears our prayers, and Jesus is the source of strength in our lives, all because of God’s love for the unworthy.

To be frank with you, I’m unworthy like all…more than most I suppose, but I drown myself in that unworthiness at times, well, a lot of the time. A lot of us do! Especially through the defeat of sin we have inherently fallen to. It’s crippling. So our reaction to grace is unfaithfulness in terms such as this, “How can I be loved by a perfect God when I’m a filthy wretch?”… I fall to that same notion plenty. But there is a lesson, a strong and merciful lesson here. Just as revealed to Daniel, a faithful servant of God who knew he wasn’t worthy, was touched by Jesus and through his humility and faith he was strengthened to overcome that defeat.

We all are born with a divine purpose, just like Daniel. We’re all loved and cherished by the Most High God. We’re all given the ability to join the Father at His table though the faith we have in Jesus. We all have the His strength to rely on when we’re afraid, struggling, or just feel unworthy. When you fall victim to that unworthiness, go back to this chapter and read the words of Jesus to Daniel and be encouraged that He wants to hear our voice so that He can strengthen our hearts and minds.

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