Waking Up Hungry

(Today’s post by Adam Cooper)

2 Chronicles 33

dog-loving-foodSaturday morning I was up early to let our puppy out and feed him his breakfast. I was originally going to try not feeding him in the morning since he had pooped in his kennel two days in a row, but he is so programmed for his breakfast he could not be settled. He wouldn’t play with his toys; he wouldn’t allow himself to be loved on; he just wanted to be FED. His instinct at only three months old was strong toward food.

In 2 Chronicles 33 Manasseh has taken over the kingdom of Judah at the ripe old age of twelve. We see from this chapter that he was NOT the man of God Hezekiah was. He undid everything Hezekiah had done and re-established pagan worship throughout the kingdom and this angered God. What follows leads Manasseh to “humble himself greatly” and plea to God. As we continue to see, God is faithful and He restores Manasseh and his kingdom. Manasseh does right in the eyes of the Lord until he dies, his son takes over, and the people of Judah are once again led away from God.

Bear with me while I point something out: our puppy’s instinctual attraction to food at only twelve weeks of age and Manasseh’s instinctual attraction towards evil at only twelve years of age speak volumes to me as I look at how they relate to God and our innate tendencies which manifest themselves since we are part of a fallen world.

While the puppy was eating Saturday morning I spent some time with the Lord and He kept showing me how this puppy’s instinct to be fed was directly analogous to life as a believer. Or at least how our lives as believers OUGHT to be. Each morning this puppy is instinctively desirous of food. He cannot be satisfied short of someone putting food in front of him. Each morning as believers we should also be so desirous of seeking the face of God that we do not allow ourselves to be satisfied until we have pursued Him. Can you imagine waking up with an overwhelming urge to seek the Lord? I know that most days I wake up with the one goal of getting ready and out of the house on time. Our innate tendencies are much like Manasseh’s: satisfy ourselves first and then worry about God. If we do get up and actually manage to spend time with God how many of us are simply checking an item off of our to-do list? Spend time with God? CHECK. But when we spend time with God this way are we any better than Manasseh’s kingdom who lifted their praise to all of the starry hosts? Where is the relationship? Where is our devotion and insatiable desire to serve the one who has pulled us from the darkness?

Manasseh’s story shows us that even in the Old Testament God was faithful to redeem those who turned to Him. Manasseh was despised by God because of the things he had done yet when Manasseh realized he needed God and turned back to Him humbly God rewarded him by reinstating his kingdom. We have all done things in our lives that we are not proud of. Some of us would probably even go so far as to say we are ashamed of our past. Manasseh’s story gives me as a believer the joy of knowing that God is always faithful no matter what I may have done in my past. For non-believers, Manasseh’s story should give the hope of knowing that there is NOTHING in your past that God will not forgive.

God is always faithful. He has been throughout the ages. He has been throughout my life. I pray that those of you who may be wrestling with that understanding come to believe it with all of your heart and I pray that we all begin to wake up every day with an insatiable desire to seek the face of God as our only source of true satisfaction.

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