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Psalm 119:25-48
tetheredAs I read today’s passage in Psalm 119, I was reminded of a video I’d seen recently.  This guy, through a stroke of genius and a little bit of southern engineering, tethered his lawn mower and let run by itself in circles while he filmed it.  I can’t tell you how many times in all the years of grass cutting that I have thought of ideas on how to get out of actually having to cut the grass, but never anything as awesome as this.

So, is today’s passage about bright ideas on how to more effectively handle your lawn care? No… it’s not.  If you haven’t read Psalm 119:25-48, go do it now.  What is our writer tethered to?  God’s Word.  He uses eight different ways to describe God’s Word: word, law, precepts, commands, statutes, ordinance, testimonies, and ways.  These references are used 26 times over the course of 23 verses.

Throughout the passage we see different life circumstances with each one coming back to the Word as his anchor.  Out of necessity, gratitude, joy, and protection, we see the psalmist come back to a dependence and desire for God’s Word.  God’s ways and His Word are the constant, the tether.

Today is a good reminder that as we spiral through life and see the ebb and flow of culture, there is still a constant that we can be sure of.  No matter how much society’s norms change and erode,  we can take the same comfort as the one who wrote this Psalm.

Am I there yet?  Nope.  But I want to be.  Seeing the assurance in all circumstances described in Psalm 119 gives me a renewed desire to pursue God and His Word. How about you?

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