I’m Too Busy & The Bible Is Too Hard To Understand

(Today’s post by Wayne Bunting)

Psalm 119:105-152

bibleThis psalmist is written by a man who is afflicted with grief coming by way of persecution, slander, taunts, and plots against him by those around him. These afflictions and persecutions that come against those who follow God are a prominent theme in this Psalm. Despite all of these negative influences that come against the psalmist, he describes his affection for God’s scripture, using many different words to describe it throughout this Psalm. His focus in Psalms 119 is that despite all that comes against the man of God, perseverance can be strengthened in the midst of it all by focusing on the word of God.

The author of Psalm 119 shows the absolute importance of having a love for the word of God, and a dedication to focus on it and live by it. Importantly, we can know that the scriptures reflect who God is. Because of this, a reflection of scripture is a direct reflection of God Himself. Not that reading the Bible means that we know God (salvation and maintaining a close walk with him in addition to reading the Bible are also important), but that the living, breathing word of God does exactly what the psalmist says that it does in Psalm 119. It makes us wise in Him, trains us up in righteousness, and shows us truth.

Specifically, in Psalm 119:121-128 the author of this Psalm shows a great desire to understand God’s word, and asks the Lord to help him to have “understanding, that I may know your testimonies!” This is significant in that it certainly shows us that without the Lord’s help we cannot understand His word. Many have definitely tried to understand the Bible apart from knowing Him. But they only succeed in gaining facts about the Bible, and even about who God is, but they do not at all gain wisdom about the Bible or who God is. There are many brilliant atheist Bible scholars in the world. But their understanding of the Bible stops short of knowing anything more than historical facts, and they certainly do not understand the Lord’s “precepts,” “statutes,” or His “testimonies.” Knowing this requires one to first know the Lord Himself. Without knowing the Lord one cannot truly gain wisdom of the truth, and certainly cannot understand the wisdom and right direction that Psalm 119 teaches us about all that God’s word gives rise to.

The necessity for Christians to delve into the Word of God, whether in hard times or in good, is a very important thing for us to understand. Spending time with the Lord daily, and reading His word is promised to lead us into who He is. It is an absolute source of help in our understanding of truth, and therefore who God is. It strengthens us, and sustains us through storms. That being said, in the midst of hard times and persecution it is absolutely necessary for us to rely on the word of God.

So what can we take away from this? We should devote ourselves to spending time in God’s Word as much as we can. I admit that I don’t do this as much as I should. We are prone to talking about how busy we are and how little time we have when certain topics or issues come up. Sometimes this can be true, but I think that we like to say we are busy because it allows us to control what we do and don’t want to devote our lives to. We certainly have time for the things that we are so busy about; why not devote our lives to being busy with the things of God, such as devoting ourselves to His Word? More importantly than this, a true devotion to God’s Word should come about because you are concerned about the Lord Himself. As the psalmist states, in order to truly understand the Scriptures one must seek the Lord in it. Only from Him does a true understanding of His ways come about.

So let’s focus on the Lord in the midst of the inevitable trials and persecutions that come on those who follow the Lord. Let’s seek the Lord when we delve into His Word and ask Him to open us up to who He is. If we lack wisdom we should just ask for it (James 1:5). We should seek God through reading His Word and opening our hearts to who he is. God wants us to know Him; imagine how excited He gets when He hears us asking Him to help us know and understand Him and His ways more?

The challenge that I have for all of you is to take time out of your day and devote it to understanding His Word. Not just simply reading it, but truly seeking to understand it in depth, and to do this with a desire to know more of God and His ways. God will show up if you really want to see more of Him.

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  • Sammy O.

    You nailed the message of these verses! Scripture is powerful. It is God’s breathed Word and it is too often neglected and read in a casual manner. You put much thought in your words and I thank you.

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