I Want To Be Madly Insane..Not Me-Centric

(Today’s post by Adam Cooper)

Psalm 135

mePsalm 135 is a Psalm of praise written to remind its readers, the nation of Israel, that they should praise the Lord. In the NIV and the NASB the word praise is used five times in the first three verses. The Hebrew word for praise is “halal” in this context and it means “to be boastful; to praise.” It is used many other ways in Scripture as well but to give you a true flavor for the word chew on this for a minute: it is used to reflect praise that is so animated and unbridled that the word used is also used to refer to “acting insanely” or “acting madly.” I believe that God intended the author to portray a sense of praise that is given with complete and total abandon. An image that comes to mind is the joy and praise that is expressed when a child is born or when you find out that illness the doctors said was terminal is actually not. Praise in such a way that it uses your entire being. The Psalmist continues to emphasize this type of praise by reminding his readers of the great and powerful blessings they have received from God. The Psalmist is calling the nation of Israel into a time of praise for their great and all-powerful rescuer and redeemer.

The question is: what is the take-away for our current generation?

I feel like the call for revival being lifted up by the Psalmist is timeless and can apply as much to us as it did to the original audience of this Psalm. We find ourselves living in the days of loose and lazy Christianity where the primary focus tends to me very “me-centric.” Since I made that word up let me define it for you:

Me-Centric: to live with the purpose of being and doing for oneself only; not seeing others or being aware of their plight.

We all become so wrapped up in our own struggles that our praise of the Lord is more of a sedentary whisper than an excited and soul-encompassing shout. I have found during my own struggles recently that it is hard to stay immersed in your own turmoil when you are lifting high the name of the Lord. God deserves our “insane” and “mad” praise because what He did through Christ was, and is, “insane” and “mad.” Unless of course you think hanging from a cross, bloody and broken for the sins of people you don’t even know is “normal?!”

Praise the Lord with your whole being today. Let your focus be less “me-centric” and lift up the name of the Lord in a way that is “insane” and “mad”!!

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