Finding Jesus in the Messiness

(Today’s post by Adam Cooper)

Psalm 109

dirtyhandsThis past Sunday Scott Moore made the comment that Jesus is found in the messiness. When we are knee deep in the pig sty that is when we are able to see the activity of God all around us. I am a mess. I am not one to air dirty laundry in a blog post but suffice it to say that my relationship with my dad is a mess. My family is a mess. People I see every day are a mess. With Scott’s statement from Sunday we should then be seeing Jesus all around us in all of our messiness. Why don’t we? Or, is He there, moving and acting and working and we are just too lost in our mess to notice? Many of you reading this would probably say that you pray daily, sometimes many times a day. But the reality is that many believers only pray when they are facing some sort of difficulty in their lives; some sort of mess. “Help me Lord, I am broken. If it is your will to heal me I will…..” those dots are where the deal usually goes. Where we try to bargain with God in order to influence His will in some way to make us better. Why is it that many must get to the point of utter destruction before they cry out to the Lord?

David was considered a devout man of God. He was a MESS: adulterer, murderer, etc. But he was credited for his faithfulness in God. That faithfulness led David many times to cry out to God in the midst of his normal life, but many of his Psalms were lifted up during times of messiness. In Psalm 109 David is speaking to the Lord concerning his enemies and frankly the image that I get when I read the first five verses of this chapter is an image of Satan himself: wicked and deceitful, constantly speaking out and accusing us in lies of his own creation, hating us for being God’s children he attacks us to get us to forsake our decision to follow God, and for every ounce of good we try to accomplish Satan’s attacks against us seem to multiply exponentially.

David goes on in the next few verses to suggest to God what He should do his enemies and I believe this is where the context of the associated time in history and how it differs from today comes boldly into awareness. In many of David’s messes his life was in danger. Therefore, his desire to repay his enemies in kind is expected. In many of our messes our lives are not in danger. Oh, we may think our world is coming to an end but is it really?! With David what he is asking for may seem extreme to us but in context it seems reasonable. I mean I can’t see a prayer going like this for that person who cuts me off in traffic right? “Dear God make that crazy driver’s children be fatherless and may his wife become a widow!” Just doesn’t fit does it.

So what can we take away from this chapter? Even though we are all messes and don’t deserve God’s grace we must have faith in Christ to always be there (mess or not) to help us through. So whether you are in a mess or not have faith that God loves you anyway and that Jesus has conquered death, hell, and the grave for you.


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