Correct Judgment

(Today’s post by Marc Cannon)

2 Chronicles 19-20

judgmentI feel like we, the contributors of The New Normal, as a whole have had to tackle the incredibly difficult and sensitive subject of judgment with weekly frequency. That may be embellished somewhat, but it’s not an uncommon theme Biblically. Judgment is obviously astronomically important to our lives, because if you read the Bible it is repetitiously laid out for our consumption. The Bible tells us how, where, when, and why we should judge…Who to judge and who not to judge. But as I’ve stated in a previous blog, we’re not to condemn.

It’s been mentioned before and I feel like it deserves more recognition: Everyone takes part in judgment. It’s a part of our daily, hourly and by the minute existence. It’s true; anyone who tells you otherwise has their head in the sand. Here in these 2 chapters we’re dealing with judgment and reliance; how to judge & the plunder of reliance on God’s hand in our battles. These 2 things probably cause me more angst than any other Biblical issue written in the Word. I worry about humanities judgment of me & I struggle letting God have a dominant hand in my battles. Wanna take a wild guess where that leads? That’s right…Misery’ville.

God reaches out to those in this instance and tells them to judge…The world would say, “That’s wrong, everyone deserves to be happy”. Well, happiness is relative. God tells Judah to judge with the The Fear of God in their heart. For most people, myself included, that’s a hard commandment to dissect as well as put into action. Every morning I wake up and look in the mirror. I try to make sure my hair is a certain way; my clothes are fitted correctly and fit a certain style. I look at myself the way to try and satisfy those who I think will judge my appearance. From my hair down to the shoes I wear. This doesn’t make up one iota in the hard pack that hold’s up Sam’s Hill.

We make it so much harder to deal with judgment as believers than we really need to. Judgment isn’t a 4 letter word. It’s a tool that the Lord has given us to deal with situations that crop up in everyday life. The headwaters of the judgment we levy is where we falter. But again, it’s really simplistic and this set of Scriptures leads to the key:

  • Make sure your heart is in God’s hands; measure your heart every morning your feet hit the floor.
  • Follow what the Spirit says in every situation; pray about everything.
  • Heed His Word; read and learn daily about His character.
  • Love in every regard; keep in mind we’re all flawed and those who cross your path may be hurting and in need of His salvation.

When we turn our hearts over to Him, when we follow the guidance of His wisdom, when we learn more about Him, when we love….When we Love those around us…He will guide our judgments in every instance. Not only will judgment come righteously but His hand in our battles will guard our hearts.

I know this sounds easier than it really is. We all get caught up in life and fall to temptations that drift us away from the safety of the shore. Just remember that every day you look in the mirror, you have the opportunity to judge yourself first and ask Him to break the stone around your heart for His purpose and will.

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