Hummingbirds and Distractions

(Today’s post by Adam Cooper)

1 Chronicles 23-24

hummingbirdI sit down in the morning and try to convene with God before I have to run Samantha, my daughter, off to school. This is not the only time during the day I try to sit down with God but it has become a good quick way of saying good morning to our Lord and Savior. This morning He said good morning to me. As I sat with the door to our back porch open trying to read a brief devotional I hear a small chirp. I look up to see a hummingbird hovering just outside the door looking at me. Not drinking from the feeder a foot away but looking at me. I watched as it hovered there, pure amazing grace in flight, wings flapping mightily. It finally decided to take a drink of what for it is life sustaining water; delicate, graceful, and elegant. And then it was off, flying so quickly it is nearly impossible to focus on it. The Hummingbird is one of God’s smallest creatures yet it moves with a speed and precision mankind envies. As I continued to try to study this little bird came back again… and again…. until another hummingbird dove in quickly and chased it away.

I can’t help but think about how this relates to us as believers. We try to meet with God and drink from His life giving water only to be distracted or chased away by the things of this world. How many times have I sat down with the intention of meeting with God and drinking from His word only to be distracted by the text or phone call or email that could have waited until later?

In 1 Chronicles 23-24 we are shown an entire lineage of men who were dedicated to the service of God: the Levites. These men were to do everything that needed to be done for the worship of God within Jerusalem. When the Tabernacle was the main meeting place of God these men actually carried and set-up and broke down the tabernacle every time they stopped so that God could dwell among the people within the Tabernacle. Now that Solomon was building the Lord a Temple to dwell in within Jerusalem the duties of these men turned towards the upkeep and service of the house of God. It is very simple to talk about these men; it is quite another feat to understand the life of these men. Everything they were was to be dedicated to the service of God and His house. Everything. They were not to farm, they were not to do anything other than care for the house of the Lord. Their food came from the food offerings made: “The Levitical priests–indeed, the whole tribe of Levi–are to have no allotment or inheritance with Israel. They shall live on the food offerings presented to the LORD, for that is their inheritance. Deuteronomy 18:1 (NIV).” These men were lifetime servants of God with no inheritance other than their service.

How can we apply this truth to our lives? Do we see this example with modern men of God? Men who dedicate every ounce of their being to the service of God? I would say in some instances we do. But there are many who falter. Many who fall away and get diverted from their true purpose by the wiles of Satan and his minions; chased away from the life-saving water much like that small hummingbird. These men were not perfect in their faith and duties and neither are we expected to be. I think that is a big problem with believers today; they feel as if they must be perfect and when they are not they let the enemy destroy their confidence in their salvation by preying on their weaknesses. As we witness the deaths of Christians to radical extremist groups throughout the world I am touched by the sacrifice these modern day martyrs have made. They have truly sacrificed EVERYTHING they are to God. I am sure that these martyrs also were not perfect in their faith but they were perfected in their sacrifice. As Christians we must believe and have faith that Jesus’ sacrifice was perfect and complete. In all of our imperfections we are forgiven because of Christ’s blood. We are not expected to live like the Levites; relying on others for our food and sustenance. But we are expected to strive to live like Jesus: to love God and love people.


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