Christian Clichés vs Fighting Arm-In-Arm

(Today’s post by Marc Cannon)

1 Chronicles 12

If you haven’t read yesterday’s offering from Wayne on 1 Chronicles please do so now. It will give you great insight to the rest of the book.

If God is for us, who can be against us? – God is on your side – Just lean on God – God will protect you – Rest in His peace – God will not give you anything you can’t handle – Follow God’s wisdom – Find God’s will for your life and you’ll be happy… Etc…

Any of you ever heard these sayings? I think we probably all have. Some of them have been written into songs, some of have been topics of a multitude of books, some may even be scriptural. I think each of us may have either used these terms or someone has tried to encourage us with these, you know…”God loves you, everything is going to be fine” *Double Back Pat*. We typically see these statements when someone is struggling with something; it may be something personal in nature, a touchy situation at home or work, or maybe even a death in the family.

I know a lot of times when we’re going through tough times in life; it’s a usual occurrence to feel alone, even while we’re in a room full of people. Not that the statements above aren’t true or that they don’t carry any merit, and they certainly carry a lot of weight, but in my experience at least, statements alone have little to no impact on a tough situation. This is not to say that God can’t heal, comfort and lay peace on someone through words or however He wants to draw someone closer in trying times. But as I’ve seen time and time again, it’s not statements He uses but it’s those around us. He uses those around us to show us His grace, His mercy, to listen, to share, to vent, to ask advice and most importantly, to pray with.

I don’t know what David’s mood was in chapter 12, and it’s really not important. But what is important is that I see God is providing. God’s building David’s army quickly, mightily, diversely and He’s built David up to be a mighty King. You may ask yourself, “How is this relevant to me?” The relevance comes in the fact that God knows your situations, all of them, daily. No matter what you’re struggling with, He’s going to put warriors in your life to help combat your struggles. He will not leave you to fight your battles alone. He will raise your army. He will give you seasoned generals trained in His wisdom to guide you through each battlefield. No matter what you struggle battling he will give you those with the proper weapons to take on that battle.

The battles we fight in this life are not easily won. We need to be equipped in His Word and surrounded by those who God has placed with us to walk into any war we may face. If you’re in a battle right now and you’re fighting it alone, you don’t have to. Pray for the Lord to send you a legion of soldiers to surround you and walk you through your struggles.

But the battle doesn’t end when we claim victory. For those who have been armed and the Lord has led you out of battle, be ready to stand at arms with those who have yet to win their battle. So share your story, what you’ve gone to battle for. Offer the wisdom you have gleaned from God leading you through your battles. That wisdom changes lives.

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