Why Not ME, God!?!

(Today’s post by Marc Cannon)

Psalms 92-93

why not meI’ve often talked about the personal struggles I’ve had in my weekly contribution to this great blog. Depression, materialism, selfishness, etc…I’ve often been left thinking, “Why not me, God?” in several phases of my life that were sometimes products of those desires. I’ve been so close to riches that I could taste it only to have it slip through my fingers, “Why not me, God?” I have had the opportunity to receive the education I so desired and I never procured that, “Why not me, God?”….I have watched my friends and even acquaintances enjoy the fruits of relationships grow into seemingly perfect marriages and jealously coveted those marriages because my relationships always seemed to end up with the same result; so much so I even stopped dating, “Why not me, God?” I watched these couples have kids and begin to enjoy things like coaching little league baseball, going out for ice cream, teaching a son how to fish, and comforting a child after a skinned knee, “Why not me, God?”

Psalms 92 is an encouraging chapter of praise and worship. Giving God the glory He so deserves. Regardless of the plan you have, His ways are perfect. We should rise to our feet singing praises to Him every morning and lay our head down at night knowing that His sovereignty is all encompassing without toil or tear. So in other words, praise Him regardless of your circumstance, good, bad or indifferent.

Taking in this chapter I tearfully thought about the many blessings I thought I would miss out on in this life, and I realized that I’m blessed far more than I could ever imagine. This past Saturday I proposed to a beautiful young woman that is far better than I deserve. She has 2 wonderful sons that I get to help raise as my own and most of all, we have His fingerprints stamped all over us. You see the most important things in life I thought I would never have, have been given to me on His timing and not my own. It’s a reminder that we need to trust in Him and His timing is perfect! She was definitely worth the wait.

I want to encourage you, when you have those, “Why not me, God?” moments, to stop and praise Him, to say, “Thank you, Lord! for those things that will come in time”. We may not always get all the things we crave but we’ll get the blessings He has laid out for each of us. Take faith in that today and thank Him for all He does and for who He is.

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