Spiritual Discomfort

(Today’s post by Marc Cannon)

Zechariah 1 & 2

discomfortI’ve got to get something off my chest. I have a hard time being comfortable; in everything! No matter what I do each day I struggle to find comfort physically, mentally and even socially. Up until the last couple of years I never took notice of how uncomfortable I really was/am. Is it that I’m getting old and my mind, body and soul just aren’t what they used to be or is it that I have just been this way all my life and I’m just now becoming mature enough to recognize these things in myself? Being comfortable is human nature and I do realize that I’m not the only person that walks on this planet that struggles similarly as I do. I would suggest millions upon millions of people who inhabit this rock feels the same way I do.

I haven’t tried everything to be comfortable but I’ve tried a lot. Alcohol, working out, fitting in with the clothes I wear, using mindless activities as distractions or masking my issues. The simple fact is that none of these things gave me anything more than temporal comfort from any of the things mentioned above.

Reading these two chapters I was confronted that the people of God were living uncomfortably as well; justly in His wrath and the Spirit asked me…What about your spiritual comfort? Ummmm, What, Lord? Spiritual Comfort, What is that?

You see these two chapters deal with repentance and the comfort God offers to us through that. In all of my life I have never been confronted by God asking me about my spiritual comfort. I’ve thought about it and honestly I have to say I lay in angst at times knowing that I’m spiritually lacking. It’s really more painful than anything I have mentioned above, but I’ve used the very same things I thought would comfort me with my personal issues to mask the spiritual hollowness I’ve felt at times. Just to take my mind off the fact that I’m wrapped up in something I have yet to give up; to repent. That in itself is hard for me to admit.

It’s not that I have been oblivious to conviction or the function of repentance. In fact there are many sins I’ve left in my past. But in my life, and I’m sure I’m not alone; the lack of comfort we deal daily has painted a lie that there is no such a thing in Spiritual Comfort and we’re destined to always live with a contentious spirit.

For me, sadly, that lie has left many wounds in my time, but they’re never too deep to be healed by His hands. If you’re struggling with a wound or an unsettled spirit, and truly want the comfort that only He can provide, pray that He reveals that to you. If you know why your spirit is unsettled, confess it to Him and repent! You will surly find comfort in His grace.

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