He Only Knows How To Be Faithful

[If you are following along with the daily reading plan then you will realize that this post is about a week late. Sorry about that.]

(Today’s post by Adam Cooper)

Psalm 94

FaithfulPsalm 94 is a classic psalm of the Jews saying “these are our enemies and they are bad” and then they praise God because they know He will deliver them. There are many theories about when this psalm was written – during Absalom’s rebellion, during the Babylonia exile, on the eve of the Babylonian defeat of Jerusalem – but it is so general in content that it can serve as a declaration during any generation…even ours. This is another exclamation of God’s majesty in the applicability of the Bible across generations.

I was sitting with my Friday morning Bible study group (#brofast) last week and we were discussing a lesson from the Multiply material on sacrifice and atonement and how God had set the stage for the sacrificial system from the very beginning. I had never really thought about it but for Adam and Eve to have the animal skins to cover the shame of their sin an animal had to die. We also talked about the day of atonement in Jewish custom, when the high priest would have to sacrifice an animal to atone for the sins of the entire Jewish nation and how the blood from that sacrifice covered the mercy seat (the top) of the ark of the covenant so when God looked down on the mercy seat he saw the blood of sacrifice instead of the broken law that was contained within the ark (again the sacrifice is covering their sins). God has provided a way for mankind from the very beginning to be reconciled to him and in Christ He provided the ultimate sacrifice so that when God looks upon a believer (someone who has accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior) He sees the blood of Christ which was spilled for us, He does not see our sins.

So how do these two thoughts mesh? Well, If you believe, If you put your faith in Christ as your Lord and Savior you know that God will always listen to your prayers when you tell Him about those who intend to do you wrong and you can count on Him to be faithful. Of course Him being faithful does not always mean deliverance. All things in His time.

My prayer for you today is that each of you are able to utter the declarations within this Psalm with the faith and trust in God knowing that He will always be faithful.

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