But My Hands Are Dirty

(Today’s post by Marc Cannon)

Zechariah 12-13

dirty-handsWhen I write I’m usually led to what the Lord wants me to share pretty quickly and usually it’s very apparent. This week I read these two chapters and drew a blank. I know these chapters are prophetic and profound nonetheless, but the Lord let these simmer over night and into the morning. I kept going back to chapter 13 first and then it encompassed chapter 12 for me.

My entire life I’ve heard the statement “Washed in the blood/Covered in the Blood”. I’m a person who doesn’t mind being dirty as long as I am working…But once I’m done, I don’t like to sit around in my own filth. Of course there are times when it’s not possible to clean up right away and just washing my hands will have to do…But it’s not enough. This also might be an off thought, but when I’m filthy I’m more standoffish and honestly I don’t care to be around others. Washing my hands just will not do.

Reading chapter 13 it’s laid out that Jesus’ blood is a fountain that washes us clean. Once we’re washed in that blood we are clean…We are justified! Hallelujah! AMEN! But is that the end for you, do you believe the blood is all encompassing? Is that where the cleansing ends? All of my life I have, through selfishness, lack of confidence, lack of faith at times, I have refused to believe that I am fully covered in the blood. That I am fully cleansed. I see that all around me in the world I live in. I think it’s a lie straight from the pits of hell that causes believers to say, “I messed up again, I cheated again, I lied again, I stole again, and I watched porn ‘just one more time’ …again” and think to ourselves that we somehow are only covered on our hands. That we’re filthy and we have just washed our hands and haven’t been fully cleaned. I am definitely guilty of that and it will cause you to guilt yourself to death! Don’t believe that lie, Brothers! (And sisters).

(Now, this isn’t a license to live in sin. But recognition that we have victory over sin through the blood of Jesus. We still have to recognize when sin comes into our lives and repent, but sin doesn’t alienate us from the loving and saving Grace of Jesus.)

In chapter 12 we see how the Lord is equipping those who most likely couldn’t beat their way out of a wet paper sack, as they say, for war. He’s giving them the divine confidence to know that He is going to lead them and give them all the tools necessary to be effective warriors for His will. That’s a novel thought, right? The Lord, all powerful, creator of all things being able to give us what WE need to succeed through faith in Him…His people.

As I have in the past looked at my shortcomings, I have used them either as a crutch or them handicap to hide from the bold life I’ve been called to live. I have let the lies that I’m not good enough, strong enough, I sin too much, I don’t read enough scripture, I don’t listen to the Fish enough for God to equip me to live boldly. I mean I’ve done all of these things that are not of God and He’s only washed my hands, right?

NO! The minute I took on His blood I was fully cleansed. I’ve missed an awful lot of joy in life because I guilted myself into believing God couldn’t use me. Into believing I’m not smart enough, I don’t belong or whatever to take chances and follow Him faithfully and BOLDLY!

If you have ever felt like you couldn’t be used by God for whatever reason, or that you can’t have a bold faithful walk because of shortcomings or a past that you’re not proud of, you’re not alone and you couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m proof, time and time again that the Lord will use a flawed man in spite of and because of my flaws. When we live in confidence that Jesus died and His blood washed us fully clean and not just our hands, we can live for Him BOLDLY!

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