He Always Provides A Way..

(Today’s post by Adam Cooper)

Ezekiel 43:13 – 44:31

way outWow. Ezekiel 43:13-44:31. Ezekiel continues with the vision from God concerning the new temple. Specifically the altar and the priests. Within the vision are specific instructions for the redemption of the Lord’s people and what they must do to be accepted by Him. God also raises up a specific branch of the Levites from the line of Zadok to serve as the new priestly body for the temple and the Levites who led the Israelites astray by not following the laws of God are assigned to simply be servants of the temple with no priestly rights whatsoever. The descriptions of the sacrifices and the process of slathering blood on the horns of the altar makes me glad that I live under the sacrifice of Christ and do not have to perform the sacrifices required of the Israelites during this time.

A couple of important things can be taken away from today’s reading: God is in control and God gives a way of redemption. God provided this procedure for the Israelites to follow in order to be redeemed into God’s graces just as He provided Christ as a way for anyone who would believe and accept Him as their Lord and savior. It always comes back to God’s grace: it doesn’t matter what you have done in your past you can be redeemed into the family of God through God’s ultimate plan of redemption Christ.

I always do some good thinking on God and His power and glory and majesty when I am on long car rides. Yesterday Angie and I drove to Amelia Island. The day was glorious. The sunset was spectacular. But it was on an early morning walk on the beach that the power of God was truly on display in the form of the ocean. It amazes me that so many people continue to think that mankind is in control of this amazing creation of God. The raw power in the waves as they break on the shore and the rumble they emit is awe inspiring. Oceans make up the majority of our planet and no one except God has been able to contain and control them. Creation speaks of God’s glory in each and every aspect of life yet many still argue that we simply started from nothing and have evolved from there.

The Israelites during Ezekiel’s time were stubborn and hard-headed. They disobeyed God with the full knowledge of what He had done for them. Even the Levite priests, who entered into the glory of God regularly lost sight of the fact that God was with them and was always in control. We live in a fallen world because of the bad decisions of two people in the Garden of Eden. But even then God’s plan of redemption was spelled out for those of us living so many thousands of years later.

My hope is that anyone reading this will take a moment today and simple marvel at the glory of God’s creation around you and remember that He is always in control and that He has provided a way of redemption for those that would come to know Him.

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