Less Pride, More Faith

(Today’s post by Samuel Ozburn)

Ezekiel 35:1 – 36:15

Faith_CrosswalkEven though they often rejected God and brought judgment on themselves, the Jewish people had to be discouraged when they were being oppressed by other people groups that surrounded them.

When we perceive ourselves as being treated unfairly we, too, can become bitter at God, wondering if we have been forgotten.

I often wish that we had a prophet to tell us exactly what God told him (or her) just like Ezekiel speaks for the Lord here. Two words come to mind: pride and faith.

We think we are the center of everything, that the world rotates around us. This is pride.

We think we have to be in control of, or at least understand, everything that is happening. That leads me to the second word-faith.

God promises Israel that despite their oppression He is in control and He will deliver them. Likewise, we must remember He is in control now just as He was when He spoke through Ezekiel.

Lower the pride, raise the faith.

It seems so simple, yet it is extremely difficult (for me at least).
But it IS a formula that works!

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