You Can’t Take it With You When You Go

(Today’s post by Marc Cannon)

Ezekiel 16

YouCantFrom the very beginning of this chapter the Lord grabbed my attention. Almost immediately I knew what this entire chapter was going to say and I see it all around me; every day. We are born into this world naked. We have nothing, not even the cognitive ability to reason. No matter what culture, race, country or class you’re born into you have zilch. From that point on the Lord blesses all of us and not just with material things. We gain the ability to speak, see, taste, feel, reason, learn and to develop into a real live functioning human being with a purpose. He blesses us with his design and that is something I don’t see talked about, well, ever. Not to be left out of the conversation we are blessed with certain “things” in life as well. And some to that same point, some are blessed to go without the material things in this world.

Because of our nature, as soon as the doctor spanks our bare bottoms we begin to use those things in ways God didn’t intend. As we we grow older and learn more about this world we reside in, we use what the Lord has given us for our own satisfaction. Some use their minds to bring them wealth of this world, some use their bodies, some use relationships to gain wealth through their own selfishness and greed. We all do it and we’ve all done it. Ezekiel is telling us here that we are gifted with life and we use those things that come along with that for our own gains and not for the Glory of God.

There is a saying that most of us, if not all of us have used, “you can t take it with you when you go”…So why do we covet riches and worldly things so much? Why do we declare our God given resources to the sake of things that this world has to offer. Yes, God owns it all, but we abuse it all. If we had any real dominion over the things of this world they would leave here with us when we go.

God sees that in us and, as Ezekiel foretold, God has set forth His promise that He will make a way for a new covenant. One where we can gain freedom from the the things that bind our blessings. That covenant comes through Christ Jesus. It is only through His grace, that we can leave this world with anything of value.

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