There’s a Book of the Bible Called LAMENTATIONS???

(Today's post by Marc Cannon)

Lamentations 1

When approached to write about Lamentations I was asked to give some sort of historical account of the book. I skimmed over a few noteworthy excerpts from biblical historians and I also took a look at the meaning and root of the word..”Lament”. Lament means to express or feel sorrow or regret. And Lamentations was more than likely written by Jeremiah around 586 BC after the fall of Jerusalem.

I have to admit, being the biblically challenged man that I am, I've read through most of the Old Testament and I don't think I've ever opened my Bible to this particular scripture. Reading the historical account of these 5 chapters it seemed pretty similar to what is typical in the Old Testament: Sin and God's Wrath. And I wasn't at all surprised to find out that these 5 chapters were poems or songs about the Jewish strife in Jerusalem. Then I read chapter 1.

This chapter isn't just another scripture from the old testament. And I'm not stating that there is any scripture that isn't important or is “Ho Hum” in any way. But halfway through chapter one I was stricken with the overwhelming realization that my life has mirrored Lamentations 1. Lamentations 1 is me…We often talk about, in the men's group I'm blessed to be a part of, that the Lord gives us over to our sins. If we choose not to follow then we pay the consequences of the sins we choose to mire ourselves in.

From verse 1, I recall specific times in my life that I became empty as Jerusalem did; even recently. I recall days when my spirit was so overwhelmed with loneliness that bitterness became a normal feeling. I recall times, where no matter what I had, nothing this world offered fed me; I was starving…And I recall days when I tried to focus on other's shortcomings and sins so I wouldn't have to face my own. I could write a song of my own Lamentations but it's already been provided for me here in the good book. Can any of you sing this tune?

I am a believer and there are times in my life when I falter. There are times in my life when I choose a path where I think I know best, just as the 1st song of Lamentations explains. When I finished this chapter I became so overwhelmed with the thoughts of how far I have come from those dry days and all because of His grace. I'm nowhere close to where I'd like to be, but with the power of God's unimaginable grace I have gained freedom from my own lamentations.

Do you ever stumble across a Scripture for the first time and it just resonate with you? What passage has done that to you?

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