Like a Hyena After it’s Prey

(Today's post by Keith Senator)

Jeremiah 49:34-50:46

I am again just amazed at the account of God’s people in scripture. We see them int he Bible for centuries. I can imagine what it must have been like to be on one of the pages in Jeremiah, a scattered people. When I see them, I just think it is almost comical. I know that the Bible is inspired by God, but I can’t help but think, God why do you waste your time with chapters of history, showing how people are bad and if they seek their own glory they lose?

I have seen it in my own life and in the end, just give up. You cannot beat him. It is like fighting against the wind. God kinda reminds me of a hyena in this respect, going after what he wants. The hyena has the best sniffer (nose) of virtually any animal. It can smell for miles. Another trait is the ability to run for days. This odd combination of gifts is perfectly suited. You see the hyena can run for a long time, get tired, rest, get up, and rely on his sniffer to keep going after the prey. Eventually the animal just gives up and the hyena has its way.

I feel like God is like this when pursuing our hearts. I know from experience, I resisted Him for many years. What is His response? Is it to just position himself like a loudspeaker on the corner of my street? Is it like a badgering mother who is always chirping in your ear? No, it is more like the hyena. You know you have been created by him and for him. You know your total allegiance is to be laser-focused on bringing him glory, but what happens? We run. We run hard after our own desires. Over time we are worn down, we end up helpless and then and only then are we ready.

I think it is a beautiful picture really. It is messy, but in the end, God is glorified, he brings it all back to himself. Like our hearts, Israel is restored.

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