Unimaginable Mercy and Incomprehensible Grace

(Today's post by Marc Cannon)

Matthew 27:51-66

While reading this scripture I came to the revelation that this section, for me at least, focuses on 2 very important and real truths that I need to be reminded of:

-God created mankind to commune with, to enjoy, to take pleasure in.
-God’s will is sovereign.

This week we remember the happenings roughly 2,000 years ago when the covenant God had given man was fulfilled. When Jesus spoke His last words and commanded His soul over to the Father, as He alone atoned for every sin humanity ever dealt in disobedience of God’s holiness; the earth shook, the skies turned black and a 60 ft tall, 30 ft wide, 4 inch thick, almost 6 ton curtain couldn’t hold back the new covenant God had now created with Humanity.

The crucifixion was no doubt terrible, and dare I say we believers today take for granted just how terrible it was. So terrible that Jesus, fully man and fully God, sweated blood as He prayed for another way of atonement knowing what lay ahead of Him. It’s not the beatings, the crown of thorns or the cross that filled Him with agony…It was the Wrath. The wrath of God is a terrible and unimaginable thing. But in the same light, we see from the cross, an unimaginable mercy and incomprehensible grace pour out upon all mankind.

Jesus took the wrath each and every one of us deserved and was slain like a lamb before the mercy seat. He was then laid in a tomb, closed with a stone and sealed by the law of Rome.

I have been reminded…

No centurion, no veil, no stone, not even death can stop God’s will or the Love He has for each and every one of us.

Today I humbly and simply thank Him for the love I don’t understand and the grace I don’t deserve. I pray that you will too.

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