The Reception: the Best Part of the Wedding

(Today's post by Marc Cannon)

Matthew 22:1-14

I am not married. I have never been married. I do, however, look forward to being married someday if that’s where the Lord leads me. I have been to, been in, and I’ve sang in countless weddings! I can say that without a shadow of a doubt, the reception makes or breaks the wedding experience to the guest. Dancing, free food, free drinks, cake!, old friends and celebrating the joining of 2 lives forever. It’s a beautiful and memorable event…It’s the most important day in a person’s life; their wedding. But why do people dread seeing those invitations show up in the mail come the beginning of spring, announcing a friend’s, coworker’s, boss’s daughter’s, neighbor’s pending nuptials to the man or woman of their dreams?

Jesus told many parables in His time on this earth. I usually say Jesus spoke IN parable…As in His own vernacular. This was His way of providing context to those things men just couldn’t grasp in the day and to give future generations a heading of His wisdom. Weddings, as they are today, were extremely important in Jewish culture and He used the wedding feast and the term bride to express the Love and importance of His relationship with His coming church.

In Mathew chapter 22 He speaks of a King’s invitation to His son’s wedding feast. A chosen few at first and no one RSVP’d. He finally reaches out to the masses and gives them the opportunity to eat and celebrate from a King’s table…Think about that. The masses, everyday people could sit at the wedding table of a prince, The Prince and celebrate the Prince joining His bride. That’s you and I folks. We’re the masses…

So like a modern day wedding, why is it hard for us, humanity as a whole, to join the feast? Is it because it cost us our time? Is it because we inherently want to celebrate ourselves instead of giving glory to someone else? I think it boils down to selfishness.

I think as believers we get in ruts, in fact I know we do, that cause us to not celebrate the feast as we should. Why? This is the most important event in a single person’s eternity! This is simplistic to say, but I believe Jesus is saying here, “The more the merrier! My table open and my provisions are for everyone…Let’s celebrate! If we were to wake up and truly celebrate the feast of our King’s Son’s marriage to His bride (The Church) daily, I believe those who are not seated at His table would be begging for a seat at the table of redemption. If we celebrate Jesus, I believe He will make Himself known to those around us.

How will you celebrate the feast today?

Are you willing to invite someone to the feast who doesn’t know the Bridegroom?

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