What is Your Fallback?

(Today's post by Marc Cannon)

Jeremiah 9:23-10

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been mired in anxiety and depression. Why? I have no idea. It’s something I’ve dealt with my entire adult life. In fact, it’s nothing out of the ordinary for people these days. The Mayo clinic estimates that 70% of Americans are taking medications for depression; that is staggering to me. I’m not in any way saying that there is anything wrong with medication for the disorder, because I too have taken medication for anxiety and depression and may still in the future. I read that statistic and I wonder how that can happen? In a country that everything and anything is at our fingertips, especially God…70%.

Reading through Jeremiah 10 just wrecked me. Jews were looking elsewhere other than at God. They were worried about scenes in the night sky or incorporating stone or wooden idols into their lives through neighboring clans. Where was their focus? Then I wondered, “Where is my focus?”Who really is my God? Who or what do I turn to in times like these when I struggle with my demons?”

I look around my office here and there are things that take my focus away from God daily and I turn to them even more when I’m going through a bout of depression. For instance, my Kindle tablet: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, The Sports Page…Then there are my hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Golf, Art, and Song Writing. Then there is the big ONE, Relationships: Family, Girlfriend, Buddies, and Coworkers. None of these things are inherently wrong to enjoy, of course. And we need relationships! But, when we place these things above our reliance on Him we’re creating false gods in our life. You see, the enemy would like us to think that false gods are of different religions or a stone monument we bow to. But our idolatry most often comes in the form of seeking comfort and reliance outside of our personal relationship with Him. We throw ourselves into a sinful pattern of idolizing something or someone.

If you’re wondering what takes 1st position in your life, take a look at your fallback when something goes wrong. Is it Jesus?

My prayer today is that you pray daily, you seek His guidance daily and you seek His wisdom in each decision you make. I pray that your reliance on Him supersedes everything else in your life. I pray that if you struggle, God is the first place you turn to for direction, healing and peace.

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