Contracts, the “Out-Clause”, and Grace

(Today's post by Adam Cooper)

Jeremiah 11 and 12

Have you ever bought a new car or something where you had to execute a contract for its purchase?

Anyone who has ever studied any aspect of contract law knows that every contract must be buttoned up so tight that there is no way anyone could ever get out of it. Especially no way for the purchaser to get out of it. Every seller tries to leave an “out-clause” in a contract to insure they can get out of the contract if needed. Every good lawyer has tried at one point or another to bust a good “out-clause” for a purchaser to be able to get out of an otherwise “iron-clad” contract. Now imagine that you are the person putting together the contract and you have the benefit of knowing what will happen with the purchaser; you have everything necessary to create a truly “iron-clad” and unbreakable contract.

God, all-knowing, all-powerful, and ever-present created a covenant (contract) with Moses on Mount Sanai. God offered Moses and the Jewish people the opportunity to be His people and to be given a land that was perfect. Moses and the Jewish people offered nothing except for maybe their worship and love and devotion to God. God had the power to create an “iron-clad” covenant because He knows everything; instead God, in His infinite grace, provided an “out-clause” for the people He called His own.

Jeremiah is reviewing with God the failures of the Jewish people to honor their side of the Mosaic covenant. God is telling Jeremiah to go and tell everyone what they have done by not honoring their God. Jeremiah is acting as an agent of God at great risk to his own safety; even his own family cannot be trusted. But, at the end of chapter 12 God lets Jeremiah in on a little secret: His “out-clause”. God leaves a way for the Jewish people to redeem themselves from their sins by turning their belief back to Him.

So an all-knowing, all-powerful, ever-present God with the ability and knowledge to create an “iron-clad” contract provided an “out-clause” for those who have defied Him because of His grace and the fact that He loves us immensely. He did not only give the ancient Jewish population an “out-clause” He also gave the entire world the ultimate “out-clause” in Jesus. Knowing that mankind would ultimately deny Him God gave them the opportunity to believe in His son and turn away from their sin and be justified.

What is important from today’s reading in Jeremiah: Christ’s sacrifice was once and for all. It was enough to cover any myriad of sins. The devil would have you continue to beat yourself up over your sins, thinking you are not good enough for the promises God has made. Society would have you believe that there are many ways to reach God or that God doesn’t exist but it is important to remember that there is nothing that cannot be forgiven by the blood of Christ and that is the last thing the devil wants you to understand.

My prayer for you today is that you will remember that as a believer you are covered by the blood of Christ and that once you accept Christ as your Lord and Savior you are made clean by faith through grace. If you are a believer share this promise with everyone you can!


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