What Do You Know Anyway?

(Today's post by Tim David)

Habakkuk 1:1-2:5

Habakkuk – what can you say? It’s a book written by a prophet we really don’t know too much about. I’m willing to bet you if you’ve ever read the book, you haven’t read more than a couple of times. Seriously, we don’t know anything about the guy behind the pen, but we do see his emotion. I was really struggling when I took a look at the passage, but then the more I thought about – the more I realized he isn’t too different from many of us who sit in the pews of our churches.

Habakkuk’s primary frustration is the lack of justice God has allowed. I hear it quite often when talking to other Christians – their frustration with how this country continues to spin further away from its “Christian” roots. I was reminded in a recent conversation of the fact, we (Christians) gave up all our rights when we yielded to Christ as Lord. At that point we have no rights – therefore, we really don’t have a right to demand justice. Habakkuk in a fit, airs out his frustrations and then gets an answer – I guess God was listening after all. God’s answer is…He’s going to allow a completely godless, violent nation take over Israel.

This is where it gets really interesting…Habakkuk doubts God’s plan. Okay, who is this guy and how did he get hit with the stupid stick? He challenges God and essentially tells Him, nope, I don’t believe it. You won’t “wipe us out.” He just couldn’t believe that God would allow this nation to gain the upper hand on His chosen people. Sound familiar? Now, you know what I mean by this sounding like a typical church conversation. What I’ve heard far too often is a Christian starting to lose faith as a result of prayers not being answered the way they thought they should have been. The danger this conundrum presents is evidenced in this book – we can get so distracted by our love of justice in this world that we lose sight of our eternal goals.

Look, I’m thankful God gave us this Bible, written by men. We get a chance to view human reactions and emotions. I can’t even imagine how disappointed and angry Habakkuk was with His answer. I’ve often been told – be careful what you pray for. I don’t completely agree with statement…but it does give a reason to pause when talking with God to examine our intentions regarding our conversations with Him.

  • God is always listening. You can take that fact to the bank. I can tell you from personal experiences, as I think pretty much all of us can, there are going to be times when it seems like He isn’t…but He is. Don’t let the deceiver convince you of anything else…he would love nothing more than for you, believer, to think you are all alone in this world being guided by a deaf God.
  • Trust God’s answer. Remember God loves you so much that He gave everything for you and me. God isn’t oblivious to what is going on down here – after all He is Lord. If you claim this relationship, you’ve already given all control over to Him – so quit trying to take it back. God will give you an honest answer to whatever you ask…it’s up to you and your faith on whether you’ll accept it.
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  • Fabio Esguerra

    Great perspective on trusting God and not having rights as we die to self, Thanks.

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