The Original 3G: Give God the Glory

(Today's post by Adam Cooper)

Habakkuk 3:1-15

So the prophet Habakkuk has questioned God boldly and then received God’s answer. Now Habakkuk positions himself at the feet of God and prays to Him. The funny thing is that if he had thought about the content of his prayer before he questioned God he would have answered his own questions. As is common in prayers from the Old Testament, Habakkuk recounts the good things that God has done for His chosen people.

As I rode to the mountains with my family Tuesday night and listened to worship music, I continued to ponder this chapter of Habakkuk and I was struck by a realization that Habakkuk fell prey in the previous chapters to a common issue that exists in today’s church: sometimes those who appear to be closest to God are often the blindest to what God is doing around them. Habakkuk knew that God had always taken care of His people but he could only see the sin that was right in front of him. If you constantly see the sin around you then you can lose sight and faith in what God is doing overall. Habakkuk lost sight of God’s big picture and it caused him to question God in a way that was tantamount to a five year old telling the CFO of a fortune 500 company that he is managing the company’s money improperly.

I think what I am trying to say here is two-fold: we cannot understand God’s ways and what, why, or how He is doing things; and, no matter how close we may think we are to God we need to not become complacent and blind to what He is doing around us. Habakkuk’s frustration was caused by his flesh. He saw the sin around him and became frustrated at what he saw as God’s complacency in punishing the sin. And after challenging God he finally prays to Him. How many times do we challenge God BEFORE we pray instead of going to Him in prayer right from the start?

So in the spirit of keeping things brief what are the takeaways from Habakkuk 3:1-15? Habakkuk gives God the glory! He may have done it after questioning Him, almost doubting Him, but he does give Him the glory and recounts the amazing things God has done for His chosen people.

As we try to apply this to our present life I feel that we are in error if we look at the takeaways only in terms of Habakkuk’s praise of God in this third chapter. The takeaways beyond always giving God the glory are to make sure that no matter how close we may feel to God we must always remember that His ways are not our ways (thank goodness) and we should always strive to never become complacent to God’s work around us.

I pray today that you always look beyond what the world would have you see and that you are able to see God in action around you and that you join Him there…..even when it seems that God is not doing anything, He is always doing everything.

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