The 13th Man

(Today's post by Marc Cannon)

Matthew 9:35-10:23

In Matthew chapter 10 Jesus ordains, He encourages, He instructs, He warns and He equips; 12 guys to change the world. 11 of who were most likely not even 21 years of age.

Have you ever thought about these guys? What made them tick? What they were like? Did they get along?

I think at times we look at these guys as just a few good ole boys, that on a normal day threw nets over the bow of a boat on the Sea of Galilee and then Jesus said follow me.Truth is that not all of these men were fishermen. There were a handful of fishermen, a political revolutionary, a tax collector, a missionary with a noble bloodline and a few we don’t know much about. I look at these guys and I think to myself, “Jesus, these aren’t the guys I’d pick to change the world”. Let’s face it they weren’t exactly the ‘A-Team’. They were introverted & extroverted, quiet & fiery, opinionated and even aggressive at times.

But as I write this I keep thinking about a small group I’m a part of on Wednesday nights. We meet and go through 1 chapter of the New Testament every week. We have 8-10 guys on a normal night and we have a librarian, a farrier, a school bus driver and even a fishing guide. They’re introverted, extroverted, fiery, quiet, and all areas in between. Then it hit me, “Jesus, if you’re going to pick a group of guys to change the world, pick these men!”

See, Jesus picked the disciples because of their struggles, because of their differences and their influences. No they weren’t perfect but He knew where their heart would be and because of the willingness of these men the world is still being transformed by modern day disciples just like them. We ARE those disciples and we’re equipped and called just like Peter, Thomas, Simon, John, etc…Often times we don’t see ourselves in the same light as these guys, but we are. Just as these guys started changing the world 2,000 years ago, we’re disciples called to do the exact same thing. When we become willing and rely on Him, we impact the world just as the first disciples did, eternally.

My prayer today is that you’re encouraged, encouraged to know that you are called to change the world, just like Peter and John were called! You’re not only loved and sought after by Jesus but you play a vital part in making disciples of all nations. Jesus chose twelve men to follow him..then he chose YOU, the Thirteenth Man.

I pray that you’re encouraged to know that you don’t have to be perfect to be a disciple; you just have to be willing to follow Jesus.

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  • James Rooks

    Good words Marc. we often think of great things happening with and through other people… but why not us?

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