Submitting to Someone Else, Because They’re Better at it Than Me

(Today's post by Keith Senator)

Matthew 4

In chapter 4 of Matthew, it begins with Jesus in the Wilderness being tempted by Satan.

Reading about Jesus always amazes me. What does Jesus do when faced with ploys from satan himself? What does Satan tempt Jesus with? How does Jesus know what to say? Does the 40 day fast have any relationship to how Jesus responds?

I was talking to my son the other day. We were talking about how God made us, how we are made in His image and He is in control of the entire world. It is about His will and what He wants.

I have learned that Jesus was a man, like us. Don't get me wrong, and I don't mean to sound disrespectful as to the deity of Jesus. But the truly amazing thing about Jesus was/is his relationship to the Father. In reviewing what happened with Jesus in the wilderness, we see some of this relationship shining through. And when he gets tested, the very words of God work to evade Satan. I believe this is possible because God created it all, it is all about Him.

The chapter goes on to show how Jesus began his ministry, preaching, getting his disciples together, and ends with Jesus healing the sick.

All of Jesus's ministry revolves around this relationship between Him and His father in Heaven. And as we see, in the later part of the chapter, God has a plan on how to reconnect with His people.

Think today how you live and the decisions you make daily. Is it about feeling guilty because we don't measure up? No, it is all about understanding how we were created to live, utterly dependent on the one who created us, set to one purpose to bring glory and honor to Him.

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