Reaching the Bottom..and Finding God

(Today's post by Keith Senator)

Jonah 1, 2

Have you ever known that you were supposed to do something and no matter how hard you tried, the task just keeps presenting itself? Have you ever had this happen with something you felt God was asking you to do? If so, then you know how Jonah felt in the Biblical story. While reading chapters 1 and 2, I was reminded of several times in my life when I knew I was supposed to do something and I would be hounded by it until I was broken down to the point where I had no choice. In fact, I see it every day around me.

I think the analogy can be used in many of our life circumstances. I see a person who struggles with alcoholism or drug addiction. It is something that requires intentionality to seek help. You know that God will redeem your life and bring glory to his name through your life if you will only let go and get some help. But no. We do not seek help, we wait until we are overwhelmed by the crashing waves, causing huge problems for others on the boat. We even have others who feel guilty about putting us in a treatment facility because they feel somehow they are injuring us.

Then finally, when we reach the bottom of ourselves, when there is nothing left, we give up and let God have his way.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just say yes Lord? Of course, but then we would not have a story. I am not glorifying a sinful life or disobedience and somehow making it seem like a good idea. I am in fact saying that God uses even our disobedience to bring about good. Even with Jonah, the people on the boat knew the power of the real God when they finally tossed Jonah overboard.

They saw the waves calm immediately.

It gives me pause to be introspective. Where am I seeing this happening in my own life? Check it out, I bet you uncover something that is holding you back from accomplishing God’s true purpose for your life on some level.

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