Asking for More Faith

(Today's post by Marc Cannon)

Joel 2:18-3

I find prophecy extremely interesting. I also find it extremely terrifying at times. The faith men like Joel had fascinates me and also leaves me awestruck. I look at Joel and I think to myself, how awesome it would be to hear the Lord speak to me and tell me what is going to happen next week, in a few years and generations from now. To grasp what the Lord tells you and to speak it out even though it's not a common or popular message, shows a faith I have only seen sparingly in my time here.

Joel speaks specifically here, that the Lord is sitting on go: He's on the edge of His chair waiting for us to repent so He can shower us with His unimaginable grace! He reveals through Joel that He wants us to call out to Him, that He doesn't take pleasure in His judgement and He seemingly craves us to repent of our sins so we're in an active relationship with Him. He wants us to seek Him! These are truths that are repeated in biblical history. In fact, there are roughly 2,500 prophecies that have been fulfilled biblically. Joel speaks of God's judgement, our need for repentance, God's grace and eventually the Lord pouring out His spirit upon us. Those have been fulfilled by the coming of Christ and on the day of Pentecost. But then Joel speaks of the end days when Jerusalem is restored and Christ's reign begins. These have yet to come and it's exciting to know that the story hasn't ended.

As I was reading Joel I thought of something our worship leader said on Sunday while leading us in worship. He spoke of a season of doubt in his own life, not of his salvation but of direction, so much so that he couldn't sleep. So he prayed. He didn't pray for peace or a settled soul, he prayed for more faith…more…faith. This struck me like a ton of bricks – more faith! So today I began to wonder that with all that we know to be true from prophecies fulfilled and all we know that's left to be fulfilled I asked myself, why do I doubt and is doubting wrong? Did Joel doubt? What about Amos or Isaiah? How strong is my faith and am I humble enough to pray for more of it? I wrestled with these questions for a couple of hours and the Lord constantly placed this on my heart Matthew 17:20 ESV

He said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

The mustard seed is the smallest of all seeds and and what Jesus is saying here: “If you have the slightest faith in me I will move mountains for you”.

Even though the truth is laid out for us to see clearly, at times doubt gives us an opportunity to humble ourselves and seek Him. In our doubts we see Him move mountains in our own lives and when we seek Him we see the prophecies of Joel realized before our eyes when He blesses us through our obedience.

Today my prayer is that if you're in a season of doubt that you use this opportunity to humble yourself and place that mustard seed of faith in Jesus, to pray for more faith and to give Him the opportunity to strengthen your faith.

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