Out of this World

(Today's post by Marc Cannon)

Isaiah 56-57


Have you ever sat back and wondered – Who is God? What is he REALLY like? Does He throw lightning bolts out of His eyes when we do wrong? We have this relationship with Him through the sacrifice of Jesus, but what really makes him tick? I grew up with a stern view of God. Through life circumstances and humanity’s influence on me I pictured Him as this angry robotic being that was looking for just the slightest little side step or backslide to rake me over the proverbial coals. As I’ve matured in my faith I’ve grasped a greater understanding of who He really is.


As I read through these two chapters the culmination of me actually striving to find out who He is and seeking Jesus has given me a clearer picture. If you have ever wanted to know the Character of God, here it is. Here is what pleases Him. Here is what makes Him angry. He shows us that He has compassion and grace for His creation. He shows us His willingness to guide us, to restore us and to renew us in HIM.


How do I know this? I’ve lived these 2 chapters. I was saved by His grace; I followed Him for a portion of my life and did things to please Him. Then the unfortunate happened. I did like the Jewish leaders here in Isaiah and started living for me. I embraced the world. I started doing things to please myself. I was the adulterer, the idol worshiper, I was a bigot, I wanted more stuff, and I wanted to build myself up instead of building Him up. I was with the wicked. But there is a promise at the end of chapter 57, to heal us; to restore us; to bring us out of this world.


He’s fulfilled that promise to me. He restores me, He heals me, and He’s set me apart from this world.

My prayer today is that you seek His guidance, His healing His restoration and His Grace because He is faithful.

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