Making a Difference Whilst Hearing Crickets

(Today’s post by Marc Cannon)

Isaiah 66

crickets-300x200To sum up the book of Isaiah: Rebellion, Stubbornness, Judgment, Holiness and Salvation.Isaiah served as a prophet for 5 kings over a period of 90 years.

When I think about Isaiah I think of how awesome it would be to have a “Red Phone” kinda line to the Lord and have Him speak directly to me, clearly. But I also think about just how frustrating it would have been to know that when you laid out God’s vision to His people…no one would listen. The Lord told him…”Tell them this, but know…No one will hear you. Tell them anyway”.  He basically told the people of Israel “Um, you’re doing it wrong”.  Cue the proverbial crickets.

Isaiah obviously had colleagues, friends, and maybe even close family that were living in rebellion to how the Lord would have them live. I cannot say for sure, but I’m betting this caused Isaiah angst in his own soul. I live this out every day. I have colleagues, friends, close friends and family that are much like the people of Israel. As I try and live out my faith and be obedient to what the Lord has called me to do, I struggle with the fact that there are people close to me that want nothing to do with the Lord. They choose not to listen to what I know to be the truth.

God called on Isaiah to be persistent and to continue to share His words with the people of Israel. I cannot help but to believe that this was tough on him, knowing that no matter what he said no one throughout his time would take heed. He spoke of the judgment of God and ultimately of His grace and salvation. I struggle with my obedience at times, because I feel personally like no one is listening, noticing and taking heed. I share those very same things that Isaiah did and most of the time I get crickets.

Looking back on Isaiah’s obedience, as frustrating as it can be at times to speak to what seems like deaf ears, I am encouraged to know that Isaiah’s legacy had an eternal impact far beyond the days he walked this earth. The truth is that we rarely see the fruit of our obedience. But through that obedience and persistence in living a Godly life we can know without a shadow of a doubt that we are impacting the world, around us and at a distance, eternally.

My prayer today is that you’re encouraged to know that you are making an impact. I pray that each of you knows without a shadow of a doubt that when you follow, people will notice. I pray that you’re encouraged to know that your legacy is   an   eternal   legacy.

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  • R Lee Lester Jr

    Thank you. If I had any editorial comment about this piece, it would be that the title should’ve been obedience whilst hearing crickets. This article has lifted my soul and greatly encouraged me this morning. Thank you again!

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