(Today's post by Marc Cannon)

John 17:20-26

I’ve read this passage countless times. In fact I believe that John 15-17 are 3 of the most profound chapters in the entire Bible. In the past my view on this scripture was a little different. Noting that the term Unity is used here I’ve always considered it to be that Jesus wanted us all to be unified as the church, as His Bride. That is true! He does and it’s important that we recognize that. Not being unified has cause a lot of division throughout the past 2,000 some odd years. But reading this, the Lord hit me with this truth. He wants us to be unified with HIM as He intended us to be from the very beginning. Then He hit me with this! We cannot be unified with the Father without the cross. Without the blood of Jesus we cannot come to the Father.

Jesus is not only praying here for us, but He’s declaring His identity and our identity as well. I think it’s extremely important to note that Jesus says, “Just as You are in Me and I am in You”… That declares the Unity with the Father and the identity of Jesus. Then He goes on to identify believers, “I in them and You in Me – So that they may be brought to complete unity”. There it is sports fans! Once we accept the blood of Jesus we’re unified! We take on Jesus as our identity in Christ! Admittedly it’s hard for me to even think upon those lines. I struggle with self-condemnation and in that it’s hard for me to accept the graciousness of the Father (GRACE!). To think that the Father wants to be UNIFIED with me is mind boggling to me. But in the same light it’s refreshing and relieving to me to know that I am unified with the creator of this universe and He wants to be unified with me.

My prayer today is that you realize that you’re just as Jesus said “I in them”… Unified through Him…He’s ever present! My prayer today is that we live our lives without hesitation and fear because as stated in Romans 8:31 “If He is for us, who can be against us”…If we’re united with the Father, the creator of all things, we have no reason to fear!

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