He Loves Us

(Today’s post by Adam Cooper)

Isaiah 11, 12

Gods-loveIt is always difficult for me to take strictly prophetic passages such as these and try to figure out how they apply to us today.  However, I believe that if we understand prophecy we are more apt to understand the subject of that prophecy and its, or their, overall place in Scripture.  That being said I want to break some things down for those who may be unaware of the more intricate meanings within this chapter.

“A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse: from his roots a branch will bear fruit.”  All throughout Scripture agricultural terms are used to symbolize important aspects of faith.  This is no different.  The terms “shoot” and “branch” and “fruit” all pertain to off-spring from the line (family) of Jesse.  Jesse was King David’s father and the covenant God made with David that one of his offspring would always sit on the throne of Israel is what is being referred to here.  Jesus’ earthly parents were descended from the line of Jesse and were direct relatives of King David.

Verses 2-5 refer to traits of Jesus as righteous and fair and faithful and full of the Spirit of the Lord.

Verses 6-9 refer to the peace that Jesus will establish in His Kingdom.  Each of the animal pairs are natural enemies and Isaiah has them together, peacefully.  One thing I like is the end of verse 7 when it says that “the lion will eat straw like the ox” indicating that even great hunters like the lion will not hunger for the blood of other animals any longer.

Verses 10-16 are all prophetic references to the re-unification of the nation of Israel at the second coming of Christ.  The imagery and scriptural importance of each line could be an entire blog of its own so suffice it to say that the various factions of Jews will come together and they will call out to the Lord and be reclaimed into Christ’s Kingdom.

Many theologians have differed over the exact meanings of the imagery within this Scripture but most will agree with the oversimplified versions put forward above.  Some believe that each animal referenced by Isaiah is actually a reference to a different race of people that will have significance in the end times.

Chapter 12 continues the references to end times and speaks more to Jesus’ rescue of the remnant of the nation of Israel; specifically when they realize that Jesus IS their salvation and cry out to Him.  This Chapter is their cry.

So now the difficult task at hand; how does this apply to us today?  To me the most important takeaway from these chapters is how great our God is.  Showing us this prophecy from almost 6 centuries before its realization (Jesus’ appearance as the shoot from the “stump of Jesse”).  Showing us millennia before it happens the prophetic references to Jesus’ Kingdom.  Showing us His faithfulness to a people who have continually disappointed Him by preserving a remnant that will be ushered into His Kingdom at the second coming.  All of this continues to point to the grand plan that God had at the creation of the world and mankind and this grand plan points to His ultimate and never ending love for US!!!

My prayer today is for all of us: may we always remember God’s love for us.  When you are facing those Spiritual lulls when you feel that God is not hearing you or you feel that you are not hearing Him- remember that God love us!  When you are facing those bad days when it seems that almost nothing is going you way- remember that God loves us!  When you are struggling with life, its meaning and your place in it- remember that God loves us!  When you forget to pray every day for a month and God is still there when you need Him- remember God loves us!  It is important that we remember that God loves us during the times that may otherwise seem as if He doesn’t!  God bless and Merry Christmas!!!

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