Talk Some..Listen More

(Today's post by Marc Cannon)

John 14:15-24

Be still, listen and listen some more. Every day…Every, day. As disciples of Jesus we have been indwelt with the very essence of the Lord. He speaks to us nudging us here, nudging us there…Guiding us as where He sees us best being used. That Spirit helps us discern His word and to convict us. And conviction doesn’t always mean that you’re doing something wrong…It can mean that He wants you to speak to someone, give your resources in a certain area or change something in your life…

How often do you listen to the Holy Spirit? Do you seek more of the Holy Spirit? Have you ever prayed for more of the Holy Spirit? I URGE you to do so! In my life I can tell you specific times where the Holy Spirit has spoken to me like I was sitting next to Jesus and we were talking about what happens next. Usually this comes when He answers a prayer in my life and I don’t follow through with my side of what He’s given me to regain my perspective on the issue. For me relying on the Spirit is difficult because I usually like things my way and I have the best ideas in the world. I can also tell you specific times where the Spirit has been so quiet and I’ve felt left out alone on an island full of hungry (Insert your favorite carnivore here). In those times, for me at least, have been times where I lacked obedience and refused to be patient. Those times it’s been the Lord telling me “It’s not time” or “You’re hearing what you want to hear and not what I’m saying” or “I know better and the answer is no”. Can you relate to this? Folks, even in silence there is a message.

So think back on how the Holy Spirit has been active in your life. What does that look like for you? Is it something you rely on daily or just when you’re in a pinch? If I’m honest I’m too busy at times or just too blasted stubborn to take time out and listen to what He has to say and THEN I wonder where He is? This is the part where my relational shortcomings and selfishness hinder my walk. Thankfully the Lord knows my weaknesses and forgives.

So I’ll leave you with a couple of truths.

Truth: If we want an abundant life we have to be keen to what the Spirit has to say and be obedient. He knows best.

Truth: Prayer is a two way street. When we pray we should listen as much if not more than what we say. In prayer we’re seeking Godly wisdom and intercession in ours and other’s lives around us. Shouldn’t we listen to what the creator of all has to say?

My prayer today is for us all to take time out and listen to where the Lord is leading us. I pray that when the Spirit is speaking to each of you it’s so loud and clear that you have no doubt it’s Him speaking. I pray that you choose obedience to what the Spirit has to say over flesh. My prayer is that you seek Him…Because when you seek Him, you find Him.


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