God’s Promises & My Influences

(Today's post by Josh Jones)

2 Kings 11 & 12

As I read through these two chapters, I was struck by God's plan for his people. If we remember God's promise to David, we know that He promised that his bloodline would always rule the nation of Judah. In this chapter, King Ahaziah's mother, Athaliah, had heard about the death of her son, and took the throne of Judah, killing all of the royal born, so that they could not take their rightful place on the throne of Judah, as promised to David by God. Or so she thought…

As we read, we find out that one of the priests, Jehoiada, had set up a plan. His wife took away one of the king's sons, Joash, and hid him for the next six years. When the time was right, Jehoiada along with the other priests, had Joash brought out, and revealed as the rightful heir. Here, they crowned Joash as king at six years old, and Athaliah was killed for her tyrannous reign.

We read that through the reign of Joash, we see that he did both good and bad in the eyes of the Lord. When he reigned, under the counsel of the priest Jehoiada, he led the repairing effort of the temple of Solomon. However, once the godly influence was gone, we read that Joash's reign began to go downhill. He was easily influenced by his servants, and ultimately they rose up against him and had him killed.

So what can we learn from this passage? First, God's promises always become fact. He will never fail on his promise. As he promised David that his family would remain on the throne, he gave a way for that promise to be fulfilled, even to the point that David's bloodline results in the Messiah and his eternal reign on the throne. Second, we can learn from the example of Joash. During his reign, when he had the influence of the priest Jehoiada, he followed after God. By himself, he made rash decisions, which ultimately resulted in his servants plotting his death.

Who are you surrounding yourself with that serves as a Godly influence? In addition, what are you doing to make sure that you are not becoming a spiritual “leech”, living out your faith on your own, and not just through the faith of those you surround yourself with?

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