Do You REALLY Believe in the Power of God?

(Today's post by Keith Senator)

John 11:1-27

Do you really believe that God has ultimate power and can do almost anything? Many will jump on that answer like a rat on a cheetoh, saying absolutely, yeah God is all powerful. But if we examine our lives, do we really believe this to be true.

Lets look at John 11:1-27

The death of Lazarus was close. He was sick. Lazarus was the brother of the woman who realized who Jesus was and poured her precious perfume out on his feet and washed them with her hair. She sent for Jesus and said the one you love is sick.

Couple points of interest here. I did not recall that Lazarus was the brother of Mary (perfume lady). And I did not know that Lazarus and Jesus were close.

In this passage of scripture, we see that when Jesus heard about Lazarus being sick, he was not overly concerned. He waited there for 2 days before going to Judea. What? What was happening that required Jesus to stay for 2 more days before going to meet up with the one he loved to save his life?

I looked for some reason in commentaries. I was expecting to hear that a huge Jewish festival was going on or he was teaching to the masses. Something that would make sense from my human perspective, that which I know to be within possibility.

From what I read, Jesus wanted to make sure Lazarus was dead. He wanted to perform the miracle to bring glory and honor to God. By this, can you imagine the response from people? The next passage is mind blowing. But Jesus says, He is only sleeping…

At the beginning of this post, I asked, “Do you believe God has ultimate power?” We learned from the beginning of time that God spoke the world into existence. It is easy to understand this God can do anything. But do we really believe it? Do we really believe he can be trusted completely?

If so, if we believe this in this power, in this God, we may live differently. To me it is a sobering point.

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