You Can’t Handle the TRUTH!!

(Today's post by Tim David)

John 7:53-8:29

One of my favorite movies of all time is “A Few Good Men.” I know most of you have seen this movie, and a few of you probably share my sentiment regarding the movie. Jack Nicholson’s character had excused his actions that led to death of a soldier, and thus he didn’t see himself guilty of anything. This was one of the first times that I saw laws could become shades of grey contrasting sharply with the “black and white” laws I had grown up with. This opened my eyes to the bitter reality of this world. No longer was there a firm set of laws with definite consequences – now there were excusable actions that Satan used to blind me from God’s justice. I am in no way saying the movie caused me to enter a dark world of sin – but like Jack, I often found myself saying to God, “You can’t handle the truth.” Adam used this line of reasoning, “I sinned because you gave me this woman; therefore, I am not guilty of anything.” (paraphrased)

I’ve used reasoning to excuse away adultery, lust, theft, and many more “big” sins in my life. Every time I had a great argument why I was completely in the right and there was none who could judge me. Christ always waits until my argument is made and quietly allows me to see His justice – “The wages of sin is death.” Through confession (to my loving, patient wife), repentance before the throne of God, and my acceptance of my human condition – I’ve always come out a better man/servant of Christ on the other side.

John starts this whole account by recounting Christ not as a judge, but as an advocate. Christ didn’t judge the group who wanted to stone this woman or the woman herself. It wasn’t Christ's place (as a human who had not paid the penalty of sin and defeated that penalty yet) to judge either party. This is a very important point John needed to make sure to record. This is identifying Christ in two different beings – man and the Son of God. Christ goes on to further identify these two parts of Himself in verses 15 and 16 – verse 15 is referring to the human nature of not being able to judge and verse 16 is referring to the Godly nature as being the ultimate judge. Furthermore, Jesus uses the same language “I Am” in verses 24 and 28 as Jehovah used in Isaiah.

1. Believing in “I AM” will allow you to die in a state of being that cannot be judged for sin – verse 24.

2. “I AM” will die on a cross fulfilling the Isaiah’s prophecy.

This exchange is simply about judgment. Christ is identifying that the Pharisees had no right to judge sin, when they were guilty of the same and in some cases worse sins than these. The ultimate sin they committed was not knowing who Christ was.

There is nothing we can hide from Christ. He already knows what we’ve done and is ready to forgive if we will let Him. So many times the Pharisees were looking for a Messiah who would rid their land of the Romans…and missed the fact that their Messiah came to save them. They were so stuck on the literal meaning of the prophesies, that they missed the fulfillment of them all. Satan will use logic to blind us to God’s amazing grace just enough to justify our worse acts of sin. There is nothing that can’t be forgiven. Yet, too many times, like Col. Jessep, we excuse away our worst atrocities by citing our logical argument to the ultimate Judge who knows all and without whom “nothing was made that has been made.”

Let’s not let our excuses keep us from a lifetime of Christ’s fulfillment.

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