The Power of One

(Today's post by Marc Cannon)

Kings 16 and 17

As I look around today at the cultural climate of this world, America, Georgia, Covington and even my friends around me, I often hear things like “The end must be near”, “Things have never been this bad before”, “Our country has gone to hell”, and “We’re not a Christian nation anymore” (Were we ever?). I have a common response to all of that…We’re in no worse shape now than we were 3,000 years ago, 2,000 years ago or 2 days ago. Political issues in this country are pretty tenuous at the present and culturally we’re in waters we’ve never seen before, supposedly. Unfortunately, we’re repeating the same things over and over again that humanity has continually tried and ultimately failed at since we fell from obedience. Look at chapter 16…Every King of Israel listed in this chapter failed the Lord, and they were God’s chosen people. Idolaters, Drunkards…You name it. People have been lost since the fall, period. In our country presently, going back to a fig leaf or two and we have to remember as Followers of Jesus that there is no degree of lost…Lost is lost.

But in Chapter 17 we see that empowering Grace and faithfulness that the Lord has displayed throughout history. Elijah, a faithful servant and prophet serves willingly and unselfishly. He follows the Lord’s word and is used to change people’s lives. God gave him a platform too many and to few and he accepted that calling. Two people in chapter 17 were changed forever when Elijah prayed to restore the life of a little boy…A miracle happened and I’m pretty sure that even Elijah was amazed. But the lady and her son were changed for a lifetime!

Looking at these two chapters and correlating them to our present day life I think about how God uses one man, similarly to Elijah, a lot and my mind streams to a statement I often here when it comes to changing the culture around you, “What can I do to change things, I’m just one man?” REALLY?!

A lot of times we’re just sitting on the sidelines doing very little to impact our culture and country in the name of Jesus. Make no mistake, we’re not equipped to take that task on without Him…But He has called us all to change lives. We are given the power to change the world as one man joined along side the Lord! Just as Elijah did 3,000 years ago! That is EXCITING! It may be one on one or your platform may be to lead thousands. But our faithfulness to Him will show results and miracles will happen! He has given you a platform to change your friends, community, state, country and this world! As, One Man.

What platform has the Lord equipped you with through the name of Jesus to change the world?


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