The Healing Proof

(Today's post by James Rooks)

John 10:1-21

It's awesome when I think about the three elements of Jesus' relationship to us described in today's passage. How He is the way for us, the Door. How He is our leader, the Shepherd. How He lays down His life for us, the Sacrifice. What a Savior!

A quick recap below, just in case you need it:

  • In John 10:9, Jesus states that He is the door and “if anyone enters through Me, he will be saved..” This makes clear the fact that Jesus is the way and that there are no other ways in.
  • In John 10:14, Jesus explains that He is the shepherd, the good shepherd, and that His sheep know his voice.
  • In John 10:11, 13, and 17, Jesus refers to laying His life down as a sacrifice.

These parts stand out and are easy to see, but another interesting development occurs at the end of today's passage. John 10:21 tells about how others began to argue about the words that Jesus had said. Those in favor of Jesus said, “These are not the sayings of one demon-possessed. A demon cannot open the eyes of the blind, can he?” Jesus was also known as a healer. The miracle mentioned in this passage is also noted as one of the four Messianic miracles that were a sign (to the Jews) of Jesus' legitimacy as the Messiah.

Sometime prior to Jesus' first coming, the Jewish Rabbis had divided miracles up into two categories: those that could be done by anyone given the power by God to do, and those that only the Messiah himself could do. That little nugget of information makes the miracle mentioned in John 10 jump off the page. Jesus was showing that He was the One to come, the promised Savior.

You see, even as Jesus had shared with the crowd about being the door, the shepherd, and the sacrifice, the fact that He was not just a mere man doing big things set him apart from any who had come before Him. There had been many before and many after who would make large claims about themselves, but Jesus is the only one to ever back it up. As easy as it is to focus on those that rejected Him, there were many who had seen and heard everything and knew that He was the Messiah.

It would seem that Jesus had made it clear as day who He was, but He was rejected by some. The Law and the Old Testament Prophets pointed to His coming and even the teaching of the Jewish Rabbis was set up to confirm Him. He passed every test and was found blameless, yet He was still rejected. I'm reminded of Romans 5:8 that states “that God demonstrates His own love for us in this, that while we were still sinners, Christ (our door, our shepherd, our sacrifice, and our healer) died for us.

While you read this today, my hope is that you find your faith strengthened and your resolve to share Jesus with the world solidified. Let us be like those in verse 21 who knew that He was the Messiah, and let us not be afraid to give an account for what we see.

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