One of the Twelve

(Today's post by Marc Cannon)

John 1:35-51

There have been countless times in my tenure on this planet where I’ve thought about how cool it would’ve been to be one of “The Twelve”. How awesome would it have been to hear Jesus’ voice and have Him change my name to something more suitable, maybe like Jonathan or Steve instead of Marcus, as He saw fit. How awesome would it be to see His work being done and miracles on a daily basis? I wonder what it would’ve been like to be one of those guys trying to discern His wisdom and taking it all in not having the slightest clue as to His true Glory. I think about how much stronger my faith would be today if that were the case; there would never be any doubt.

The truth is, in fact, I am just as “One of the 12”. I am a disciple called to make disciples and called to help spread His gospel and fulfill the commandment of the Great Commission. In fact He speaks to me, I see Him at work and I experience miracles every day. When the sun rises, when the wind blows when a baby cries and when I take every solemn breath, when I see lives and hearts healed. Simon Peter, Peter, Nathaniel and those guys were strategically chosen by the Father to follow Jesus in His journey on Earth. Their faith seemed to come easy because of the works they saw and the knowledge He gave. I have to admit at times that my faith doesn’t come so easy. In fact I struggle with doubt quite regularly.

When I take my eyes off of Jesus and my focus ceases from being a follower to an every day run-to-the-mill man with a “Me” focus, I doubt. When I’m wrapped up in the world and not the word, I doubt. It’s easy to look back at those guys and say, “Man that would have been awesome to experience! My faith would never wane”, but in fact I’m seeing a Savior that is every bit as awesome today as Nathaniel, Simon Peter or Peter did in Jesus’ time here. Staying focused on Him, where He is working, what He is saying and giving Him thanks for those miracles that surround me every day is where my faith grows with no bounds! That’s when my faith comes easy…

My prayer today is that you’re focusing on where Jesus is working around you, giving thanks to Him for the things He’s given you and miracles you’ve gotten to experience and what He is working today in your life. Because each of us is strategically chosen by the Father to be a disciple of Jesus and to go and make disciples!

Do you see yourself as “One of the 12”?
Where is the Lord working in your life today?

Where can you work along side Him to fulfill the Great Commission?


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