Old Testament, New Testament..MY Testament

(Today's post by Marc Cannon)

John 5:30-47

This section of John chapter 5 is a humbling portion of scripture for me. For an extended period of my life I placed my faith in myself and the testimony of man and man alone. Was I a believer? Yes. But as is stated in James 2:19 “Even the demons believe”. Reading the words of Jesus here is, to me, like sitting in front of Him and listening to Him say these very things to me. It’s convicting and humbling.

For years and years I was more worried about how the world viewed my life, my testimony. I was worried about who my friends were and what they were about. It was critical to my social status that my friends and I were “On the same page”. This meant we were making money, rubbing elbows with those who make more money, hanging out in all the right places, driving the “right” car or truck and playing golf at the right courses. I think you get the drift. I knew what the bible said and I was point blank living my life outside of the truth of Jesus. If I gave the testimony of my life say, 5 years ago, it would consist of chasing the world. And to this day I still struggle with chasing parts of the world that don’t mean a hill of beans to my eternity or those around me. Thank you Lord for Grace! Seriously, thank you SO much!

Jesus tells us here that our testimonies need to be verifiable. My testimony above is certainly that. But he also states that His testimony is found in scripture that so many of us have read and have denied in certain ways. Whether it be relying totally on the bible as your guide and not on the spirit or you use the text of what’s written biblically as a “religious” tool to gain your own piety. But if we seek Jesus’ true testimony we’ll find that it’s verifiable and His truth is righteous. While I still struggle with the fleshly wants of this world I know I can attest the power of Jesus and His salvation and His testimony in my life.

Today my prayer is that you’re living in His truth and that you’re following the guidance of the counselor. I pray that your testimony is seen and verifiable by those around you.

I pray that when you seek the bible for guidance you do so with the help of the Holy Spirit, which makes the bible the Living Word.

What does your personal testament look like to yourself and to others?


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  • James Rooks

    Good read Marc. Thank you for continuing to be an open book to those around you.

  • Don Cannon

    Very well said. Glade you are willing to use your experiences to help others discovery what really matters. May God continue to bless you son.

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