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(Today's post by Tim David)

Psalm 63

Judy and I have done the best we can to teach our children think positively. Hey…in the past year we’ve nearly lost our business multiple times, lost two unborn children, watched God give us hope just to have it taken away again and again, but I can’t imagine going through any of it without a hope that is firmly rooted in Christ. Our kids have observed us and how we’ve dealt with life –we’ve cried, yelled, prayed, laughed, and yelled again, demanding answers to our questions of “Why.” What we’ve come to realize that when you ask God the “Why” questions, there usually isn’t an answer. We’ve also gotten through it by focusing on the solutions…there is no problem that’s bigger than our God. There’s nothing that “slips” past Him…so since He knows what I’m going through – He has already provided me the tools I need to solve for a solution. I have found that when I feel most alone and completely lost, it’s my own fault. I’ve meandered down the paths of doubt, fear, confusion, and pain just to realize that God is still waiting for me back at the path He’s blazed for me. All I’ve got to do is follow His voice right back to His loving embrace, and that’s where every solution begins.

David writes this Psalm while he’s in exile, running from Absalom. David starts this Psalm right where I’ve found myself so many times – looking for God. This prayer of David’s can really be broken into a 2 main sections: 1) David’s holy desires after God and his confidence in Him; and 2) David’s prophesies regarding the overthrow of all his enemies. In the context of a group of people literally looking to kill David – his prayer is one of a positive view of God. David didn’t have a problem with his enemies, because God already defeated them. David didn’t have a problem with being on the run, because God was His sustenance. Simply, David’s problem was he couldn’t get enough of God. David knew he could be in God’s sanctuary anytime he wanted to be. It’s all in how you look at life…if you focus on the problem, that’s exactly what you’ll continue to have.

Here are a few takeaways I have from this short passage:

1) What problem am I focusing on right now? Okay…got it? What is the conclusion I would like to see? …got it? Does God have anything to do with it? Hey, we all have our monumental problems– but is God the instrument of the conclusion? …or is that possibly the beginning of the problem – Am I only focusing on the problem without realizing there is a conclusion?

2) Do I so depend on God for my sustenance that everything else become inconsequential? David writes in verse 1 – “I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched land where there is no water.” Later in verse 3 he writes – “Because your love is better than life…” David understood that by focusing on God and being in communion with him spiritually, emotionally, and physically; he could later say, “Those who want to kill me will be destroyed…” David’s life literally meant nothing to him, because His solitary focus on Christ allowed him the confidence that God would solve all of his other problems.

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  • Tammy Wojtas Wagner

    Awesome post, Tim! It’s so easy to see God as a means to our end (typically comfort, ease, relief from hard times)–instead of whatever trial He’s allowed as something He intends to draw us closer to Him. Our ideas are so contrary to His!
    (By the way, I didn’t know you were an executive pastor–or a musician or a social media socialite, for that matter! Who knew?!)

  • Brad Bacon

    Good post Tim! I always say focusing on the problem leads to whining – focusing on the solution leads to action. Doing so with a firm belief that God holds you in His hand gives you the confidence to act in faith and assurance. It is also fun (side note) to see how many hymns and worship songs have been written from the Psalms – I can pick out at least three in this one!

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