Wise Guys

(Today’s post by Joshua Jones)

1 Kings 3-4

The Wisdom of Solomon

In this passage, we see a new beginning take place. After the tumultuous turn of events in the last two chapters, we see a new king taking his throne. Just as a quick recap of those turn of events, remember all the chaos of the death of David? Remember David appointing Solomon as king of the Israelites instead of his brother Adonijah, who was the rightful heir? Remember the hit-man Benaiah, who was sent by Solomon to take out his own brother, and anyone else that would rise up against his rule? Good. Just making sure that is fresh in your mind. After all of that chaos, we read at the end of chapter 2, “So the kingdom was established in the hand of Solomon.” Great way to start, huh?

Well, through all of the craziness, we tend to forget one thing: Solomon was God’s chosen guy. He was the one God wanted on the throne, the new leader of the Israelites. For the past many years, they had a great leader in David, now God was following up with his son, Solomon. There were big plans for this monarch. As the third chapter opens, we see Solomon encountering God in a dream, in which God tells Solomon to ask of him what he wants. Solomon’s response is absolutely astounding: He wants an understanding mind so that he can lead his newly gained kingdom well, as his father before him. Because of his lack of selfishness, want of gold, treasures, or triumph over is enemies, God graciously gifts him with what he asks for and more. He gives him great amounts of wisdom. So much so what we know as the book of Proverbs, the “wisdom” book in the Bible, was written primarily by Solomon. On top of this, God gives Solomon what he did not ask for: riches and honor, and triumph over his enemies. We see through the next chapter that the reign of Solomon was built upon this wisdom that was gifted to him by God.

So, what? This guy was really wise? That’s it? Here we have the follow-up to David, (a mighty man of God, a warrior, and and all-around man’s man), and he is wise? There is a great lesson to be learned here. Men of God seek God’s heart. At the time of David, it was a time of conquest, a time of God proving to the Israelites, and their enemies, that he was not to be mocked. Once that kingdom was established, they needed a different type of leader. And this leader sought God’s heart, not asking for riches and glory, but for the ability to lead his people. So, let’s make this practical. Are you seeking God’s heart? Or are you seeking your own plan, all the while, putting God on the back-burner? What is God wanting to give to you if you just ask, according to his will?

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