Whipping Boy

(Today's post by Keith Senator)

Psalm 69

Many times in David’s life he was in difficult straits from numerous enemies. There were several periods in the shepherd-king’s life that could correspond with the sentiments here expressed. In this plaintive song, David calls for the Lord’s deliverance from the hands of his enemies, and for the justice of divine punishment upon his adversaries.

Based on what we have seen in Psalms, the writer (whether David or not) is a “whipping boy”. But the most important example of this we see is Jesus. They hurt him and killed him when he had done nothing wrong. Everybody that has ever lived has done wrong, and God should *punish us all. *Punish means “hurt someone for doing wrong”.

But God *punished Jesus for what we did wrong. In Psalm 69 are several things that happened to Jesus, as well as to David or Jeremiah. The psalm is not only about Jesus, but it makes Christians think about Jesus. That is why many Christians sing it on Good Friday, the day when we remember Jesus’ death.



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