Rebellion Against God Is Never A Good Idea

(Today's post by Joshua Jones)

2 Samuel 19:40-20:26

So today we see David processing back towards Jerusalem with his people. After all of the bloodshed, and regaining the throne from his own son, Absalom, David was king of Israel once again.

With the army of Judah and half the army of Israel by his side, David proceeds to Jerusalem. Here we see a very strange argument take place: On the way the men of Israel become jealous of the men of Judah- they were escorting the king across the Jordan, and the Israelites were following. The men of Judah claimed that David was related to them. The men of Israel, offended, claimed that they were the firstborn, and had more right to escort the king than those of Judah.

Suddenly, a trumpet blasts, and a man named Sheba (who is described as worthless in Scripture) decides to take the matter in his own hands. He calls the men of Israel, saying that they no longer have anything to do with David because of what he sees as preferential treatment to the men of Judah. Sheba leads the Israelite army away, and the men of Judah finish escorting David to Jerusalem.

Pretty peeved at the rebellion, David sends his men out after Sheba. He tells them that Sheba would do more damage to the kingdom than Absalom! Joab, one of the commanders of David’s army, meets Amasa, whom David appointed as commander of his army to help reunite Judah to the Israelites. Suspicious of Amasa’s role in Sheba’s defection, Joab kills him in the middle of the road. Joab continues to pursue Sheba to the city of Beth Maacah.

While he was about to lay seige to the city to find Sheba, Joab was confronted by a woman who is called wise. She pleads with him to not tear down the walls of the city, which was a landmark for the people of Israel. Joab tells her why he was there, and shortly after, was rewarded with Sheba’s head thrown over the wall. Because of this woman’s actions, the city was not destroyed.

This is a very unique story in the life and times of David. It comes as a warning against rebellion, as we see Sheba and Amasa both paid for their scheming. It also shows us that even though we try sometimes, God’s will is going to be done. Nothing we can do is going to change what God has set in place. He reinstated David as king, and would not have a “worthless” man like Sheba ruin his plans. God is much greater and wiser than we can ever be. His plans to prosper his people will never fail, and in that, we can live in hope.

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