1 Kings 6:1-7:12

In this passage, chapter 6 gives the overall specs for the temple. In chapter 7, he talks about the spec of Solomon's palace. I love seeing how precise God is about how everything needed to be just so. I was having a hard time visualizing the construction, so I checked it out online to see if I could find anything.

Check it out, here is the temple and the palace:

It seems like the materials they used were considered of the highest quality for the time. When you see the pics, it is even more impressive. I was thinking, sure the outside is stone and the inside is lined with cedar board, pretty cool. Then they have gold on that with carvings and stuff. Simply awesome.

So does the character of God change over time? Is God the same yesterday, today and tomorrow? Well, personally I can't see God ever changing. The circumstances may shift but the character of God…never. If this is true, then is He precise when it comes to our relationship to him? I think so.


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  • Jeff Morton

    Being a member of a certain fraternity…. I have been in a lot of conversation about the construction and craftsmanship of Solomon’s temple. I have always struggled with this and with the cleansing of the temple in John. Being human I want to project that onto the building where we meet, “should we be selling coffee and donuts?” or “should the sanctuary look like blank?” I have come to the conclusion that in the old covenant the temple was the dwelling place of God, and in the new covenant my heart is the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit….. I only hope that I am building my temple into a worthy dwelling place…..

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