I’ve Got Your Back..No Matter What

2 Samuel 23

damon afflecDo you have people around you that you KNOW will stick with you through thick and thin?

Do you have family, friends and ministry partners that you KNOW will be there even if you blow it?

I’ve written about this kind of friendship before (here) but I’m curious..who really has friends that will not only stick up for you when you’re wrong..but will go to battle for you..fight your fights with/for you..and be loyal to you until the day you die?

David had these friends. And he knew it. His band of “Mighty Men” were his closest brothers. Three top men and thirty who were very close behind.

These Mighty Men get several mentions in the Old Testament but are called out here in 2 Samuel 23. Their friendship and faith in David, and in God, is memorialized forever in this chapter. Their exploits and successes recorded for generation after generation to read and remember.

  • These guys saw David at his very best..and they followed him..believed in him..and fought with/for him.
  • These guys also saw David at his very worst..and they followed him..believed in him..and fought with/for him.

So, I ask again..do YOU have friends like that?

Or, at the first failure or hint of wrongdoing do they all run for the hills?

Proverbs 18:24, written by David’s son, Solomon, says, “There are “friends” who destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother.” I have a feeling Solomon saw some of this firsthand from his father and the Mighty Men.

Who are the Mighty Men in your life?

If you can’t think of any..is it time to make these kinds of friendships paramount?


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