I Promise

(Today’s post by Marc Cannon)

1 Kings 8: 12-66

I pomiseHow often do you make promises? The older I get, the less apt I am at making a promise. See, I am a human being. Usually human beings falter in total commitment or understanding the gravity of commitments they have made. If you think about what a promise is, no matter how big or how small, it’s giving your word that you commit to give, sustain, carry on, accept, etc… in whatever agreement you have made with another person, yourself or maybe even the Lord. I inherently don’t like to make promises because it dictates that I am to commit my time, my resources and sometimes, even my heart to someone or some cause. It’s a selfish way to look at things but it’s just the truth. I wish I could tell you that I have never broken a promise, but the truth is that I have broken many in my days walking the lands of this Earth.

Reading through this chapter I begin to see the gravity of promises and unwavering commitment. The dedication of Solomon’s Temple is one of countless promises that the Lord fulfills and sustains daily! I look back and think about my inability to keep promises in the past and I begin to count my blessings quickly in the fact that the Lord doesn’t break promises!

What if He had not fulfilled the promises He made to David? What if He had broken the promise He made to Abraham and his great legacy? What if He breaks His promise that if we seek Him we WILL find Him?

What if He broke His promise to forgive?

Today I am so encouraged and awestruck that we serve, worship and Love a God that doesn’t break one, single, promise. Not ONE! The very fabric of all things rests totally in His promises and His character that never changes.

Today, I just encourage each of you to bless the Lord and thank HIM and worship HIM knowing that He is true, He is perfect and His Love NEVER FAILS.

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