His Grace Is Enough

(Today's post by Adam Cooper)

2 Samuel 19:9-39

In order to get into the right focus for this post I went back and read the entire story of Absalom’s conspiracy to overthrow his father. I recommend that anyone who really wants to look at this story from a more thorough perspective read a book entitled “A Tale of Three Kings” which begins with Saul and ends with Absalom. The story of Absalom and David is a timeless tale of pride gone wrong.

At this point in 2 Samuel Absalom is dead and David is in the process of returning to Jerusalem. The kingdom is, for lack of better terms, in confusion. We are not given a period of time over which the events leading up to this took place but it seems that it was over a relatively short period of time that the kingdom had gone from David to Absalom and was now returning to David. Those loyal to David were confused by his distress over Absalom’s death and those loyal to Absalom had slunk (is that a word) back to their homes in disgrace.

One thing that does appear evident is that the scene that is unfolding with David is completely unexpected. Those loyal to David think that those that rose against him should be killed and those loyal to Absalom are at fear of being put to death. If we look at most of the kings throughout history an uprising of this nature would have ended in great bloodshed as anyone that sympathized with the “enemy” was put to a public and brutal death. However, King David shows grace and faith in his actions.

From the time Absalom executed his conspiracy David had put his fate into the hands of God. David knew that if God had chosen another anointed that there was nothing he could do to change the inevitable. He knew this because at one time HE was that anointed that was chosen over the reigning king. David knew that if Absalom was meant to be God’s chosen ruler of Israel then he would be God’s chosen ruler of Israel. Everything that took place during this story showed David’s love and faith in God. Likewise, at this point in 2 Samuel everything that is taking place is showing David’s continued grace. He is showing grace to those who cursed him. He is showing grace to those who stood against him. And in spite of what David’s commanders may think he is showing grace to them and their men.

I believe at the time this story was penned and when it was told to the ancient Jews in the years afterwards it was meant to convey to the hearers the understanding that a strong belief and faith in God as well as walking in His will would ensure God’s blessing on you and your household. While I believe that this story conveys the same to us today, I believe the meaning goes even further. Having the knowledge of Christ and the sacrifice and grace that God showed by sending Him to die for us and for our sins I believe that this story of David and Absalom is a vivid portrayal of the grace of God. We may not like what He does and we may be mad at Him for it. We may not always do what we are supposed to do. We may stand against Him at times in our lives. But one thing is for sure, His grace is always enough!

My prayer today is that we could all show the grace and faith in God that David shows in this reading.

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  • At times in this passage it seems like David is getting “used.” Maybe even taken advantage of. But is he really? Isn’t that our (my) fear in showing and extending so much grace? Yes. Grace by definition is not getting what we deserve. So..really..grace is NEVER fair. It may end in begin used or taken advantage of. And that would stink. But maybe it’s worth it?

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