He Loves Me Anyway

(Today's post by Marc Cannon)

2 Samuel 18-19:8

As I’m reading through this passage I’m trying to correlate what’s going on with David, Joab and Absalom with our time on this planet. There is an awful lot I cannot relate to here. I’m not a father, I’m not a warrior and I’ve never been a King that’s had to lead a nation. But then after thinking about it and truly asking the Lord to put His thoughts on this passage, I realize that I have a lot in common with this group of Scripture. To me, it is more about the end of a rebellious, wayward, self-serving son than anything else. I have been that guy; I am that guy.

I admittedly don’t know a lot about David and Absalom. I’ve never been much of an Old Testament scholar but I see a lot of the traits that Absalom has in me. Mainly self-righteousness. When reading the passage and Absalom is killed, I admit, I was relieved to hear of his death and the way he died seemed fitting to me. In battle against the very army/nation/King he’s rebelled against…His own father. He got what was coming to him, right? But then I’m flooded with conviction. David loved his son dearly and even though they were at odds it still crushed him to hear that he was gone. Loosing a child can’t be easy in any circumstance, but especially when your relationship is estranged.

At times I’ve rebelled against my own Dad. I’ve done things in spite of his rearing and in spite of his instruction for my own self serving reasoning. Now looking back on the things I’ve done against my Dad I’m thankful that he Loves me unconditionally and that he has forgiven me for the moronic mistakes I have made in the past. I’ve also rebelled against my Heavenly Father. I turned away from him for 17 years of my life and didn’t want to have a thing to do with him and my goal in life was to live for me, to serve my own selfish desires and to build my own pillar/idol to myself in this world. I still struggle to this day with my own self-righteousness. And I know that at times I grieve my Father when I step out of his light. Regardless of my self-righteous nature, He Loves me Anyway.

For me not being a father, it’s hard for me sometimes to understand the Love He has for his children, including me. That’s when I have to rely totally on my faith because my understanding of why He loves me so, is so outrageously infantile I can’t grasp even a portion of His reasoning.

Today I’m “Pie-Eyed” overwhelmed with gratitude and thanks for a Love that is incomprehensible and Grace that is sufficient. I pray that today you praise Him in everything you do and stop and thank Him constantly for His Love.

How Great is our God?

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